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Why Choose going to the Molar City for Dental Work

Going to a new dental clinic can be difficult and it could make you even more nervous if you are trying to find a good place outside of your country. Dental tourism can help us to get the best medical care by saving thousands of dollars, but there is a big disadvantage: do you know what dental clinic should you pick?

Los Algodones has been the number one dental trip destination for many Americans and Canadians for the last 40 years approximately. Also known as Molar City, this Mexican town has been known as the dental capital of the world thanks to its high-quality services and very affordable prices.

If you have decided already that this is the place where you should get your dental work done, let me give you 10 tips on why you should choose to go to Molar City for dental work.

1) Consider the Clinic’s Location and Transportation

If you are considering going to a clinic in Los Algodones, you need to check the location of the dental clinic of your choice and the way that you are going to transport from the border or the hotel that you will be staying at.


 It is true that once you arrive, you will see that the principal means of transportation for everyone is to walk.

If the location of the clinic is not in convenient place, you might have trouble finding it and could end up losing your appointment.

 It is important to remember that depending on the dental work you will be getting, you might not be able to walk long distances for a while, so if the clinic is far from your destination could be an issue.

 Both of the Sani Dental Group clinics are on the principal streets of this town making it super easy to find them.

 If you are looking to relax after your treatment, the Alamo clinic is right next to Mediplaza, the biggest plaza in Molar City, so there is no way you could get lost!

They also offer shuttle services that can go all the way from the   Yuma airport to both their clinics. Plus, if you are staying more than a day, they have a friendship arrangement with lodging facilities such as Cielito Lindo Hotel and the traditional Hacienda Los Algodones and can drive you to both locations.

2) Bilingual Staff

When you are about to go through a dental procedure, people can normally get a little nervous. So imagine if you still have to try to understand the treatment you are having but no one can explain it. Sounds a little nerve-racking, right?


We know that communication is key when it comes to medical procedures.

One of the things you should be looking for in a clinic in Molar City is that doctors, specialists, and all of the staff are bilingual.

Staff must be able to understand your needs and the ability to communicate the options available to you.

This will not only can make you more comfortable with any dental procedure you might get but can also help you with any additional important information.

They can help you filling important paperwork or any insurance possible situation.

That’s why at Sani Dental Group every staff member can speak English fluently.

Remember that for your experience to be completely satisfactory, it is not only about the dental work you receive but also about the way you felt during it.

3) Well-Equipped Clinic

If you are traveling to a place to receive a dental service, you should be able to get the same quality dental work as in your country of origin. Most of the dental clinics in the United States and Canada have modern technology regulated and approved by different associations to perform a procedure.

dental clinic

 When looking for a dental clinic you should always consider looking for the same cleanness and technology and I have good news for you!

 Most Molar City clinics count on this type of technology and have the facilities to perform the procedures just as in your country.

 Sani Dental Group is one of those clinics that count with top technology and is credited by the American Dental Association.

 Alamo Clinic is probably the patient’s favorite. It has more than 35 chairs available and an on-site lab. Sani Dental Platinum is the newest clinic of this dental service pioneer.

Its facilities have a modern, upscale look and are currently one of the most personal services in town.

Also, Sani Dental Group is the only dental facility in Molar City that has an internal OR to perform more complicated surgeries in a safe place.

You really can’t go wrong in this city! Check out our facilities here.

4) All Services and Procedures in One Place

Have you been to a dentist's appointment and have taken weeks going from one place to another until you finally get just the diagnosis?

Having top technology equipment in a clinic is not enough. When you go on your dental vacation, you won’t have time to waste going around many places to get your dental work, which is why you should look for a place that has all the services and procedures done in the same clinic.


Sani Dental in Los Algodones offers all diagnosis equipment and procedures in their clinics without going to any other place. All the services that they offer can be from small ones such as x-rays and the most modern and complicated ones like zygomatic implants. No other clinic offers this kind of implant but us!

And the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere else to determine the best treatment for you since we have the facilities and specialists for every patient’s needs.

If you are interested in the procedures you will be available to get at this clinic, click here!

5) Dentist's Professional Experience and Credentials

There is no use to have the most modern and top equipment or the last and more complicated procedures if a clinic’s doctors are not prepared or certified to perform all of those procedures. Probably one of the most important things to do while looking for a dental clinic in Molar city checks the doctors’ experience and credentials.

When you verify a dentist’s experience, you can be comfortable that the treatment will have successful results. Plus, the reviews could be very useful to see what other patients like you thought about their professionalism and the outcome of your dental work.

Molar City dentists at Sani Dental Group are in constant preparation attending distinct workshops, conferences, and certifications to keep updated with the different tools and procedures available.

They have attended courses in the most prestigious schools like Harvard School of dentistry in the United States and updated their studies in countries located around the United States, all over Latin America, and even Europe!

You will be able to have more than one specialist taking care of you if you need it.

Check out our doctor’s credentials here!

6) Quality Services Have a Warranty

Trustful clinics around Los Algodones offer a warranty on all of their dental services.

If you are traveling a long distance to have high-quality dental work, make sure that it has a warranty long enough for you to be able to make sure your treatment will give you no trouble and you could have a true long-lasting smile.

It is not about not trusting a dentist's capabilities, but giving you the confidence that if something goes wrong during the process, you could be able to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Services at both of our clinics have from 2 to 5 years of warranty depending on how complicated the treatment could be and the necessary time to heal and have a functioning beautiful smile.

So don’t worry about having a dental procedure at our clinic, we can guarantee that you will have satisfactory results. We have your back!

7) Price List

One of the biggest perks of medical tourism is that the prices of dental work can be very affordable. If you have heard about this, you probably know that savings from restoring your smile in Mexico can go up to 70% and that is why many people do it.

Dental care in Mexico can be very affordable not because it is of bad quality but because normal life in this country is usually cheaper than in the United States or Canada. Plus, the Mexican government subsidizes many dentists' education, preventing them from having huge student loan debts, and that way they don’t have to charge extra to pay those bills.

Taking a look at different dental clinics’ prices can also help you decide on the clinic you will get your smile restored, but be careful to go with the cheaper prices. That most clinics offer high-quality dental care, which doesn’t mean that all clinics in Molar City do it too.

Verify that the instruments and materials used by the clinic are approved by the American Dental Association to have the required amount of quality you deserve to receive.

We do import every single one of the materials our patients will need, which is why we give you such an extended warranty. Still, we can ensure you will be surprised at how affordable our prices can be helping you to save hundreds of dollars on dental treatments.

Take a look at our price list here, and compare yourself!

8) Payment Options

If you are wondering how to convert your American dollars to Mexican Pesos, let me tell you that it will not be necessary. Due to the high amount of medical tourists, Los Algodones’ local currency is actually in dollars!

This payment method applies to all restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and clinics. You will be able to pay everywhere with cash or debit/credit cards for better convenience. But not all clinics take different payment methods and those that do might charge an additional fee depending on the type of payment you make.

With Sani Dental Group you will have several options to pay for your dental treatment:

  • Cash
  • Debit or Credit card with only a 4% fee
  • Personal, traveler, or cashier’s checks with no additional fee
  • Dental Financing

The amazing part of this clinic is that, unlike a lot of clinics in Molar City, you will be able to use your insurance with us! Even though we don’t work directly with the insurance companies, you will have counseling to fill out all the necessary paperwork so you could get your money reimbursed from your insurance company.

Get more information about our payment options here!

9) Promotions and Discounts

Free is a word that we all love! So if you can get affordable dental treatment and a discount on the side, you should consider it as a must-check before making the decision of which dental clinic in Molar city is the best.

Check out Sani Dental Group’s promotions here. We recommend you constantly check since some promotions can expire. Don’t miss a great chance for lodging, transportation, discounts, or additional free treatments.

10) Check the Clinic’s Reviews and Credentials

This is probably the most important tip of them all. When you check a clinic’s reviews you are verifying that all the points mentioned before are done. Patients like you will comment on the treatments, quality, and attention received.


The amazing thing about credentials is that it gives the clinic certain standards to work with.

Certified as a quality medical service facility thanks to their professionalism and patients feedbacks.

Proudly, Sani Dental Group has received amazing feedback from happy patients in the last few years and has been certified by different facilities, ranking our clinic as the #1 Dental Clinic in Los Algodones!

With almost 40 years of experience, we are ready to help you restore your smile.

Take a look at our patient reviews and credentials and find out why we are the best option in Molar City!

Let us help you smile every day! Contact one of our patient coordinators to schedule your appointment today!