Embracing Cancun Riviera
as our new dental destination

With more than 35 dentists, three clinics in two different locations, and more than 30 years of experience committed to providing high-quality dental procedures our patients deserve.

Get to know our new location Cancun Riviera.

Our Certifications:

BBB Accredited business
GCR International Accredited Clinic
American Dental Association
Sani Dental Group Since 1985

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Dental implants in los algodones Mexico

Dental Implants

Long-term solution for teeth replacement that look and feel like your own teeth.

dentures in los algodones mexico


Comfortable, removable, and natural-looking option for missing teeth.

dental crowns in los algodones mexico

Dental Crowns

Custom made covers to make your teeth stronger with the shape of a natural tooth.

Full Mouth Restoration procedure

Full Mouth Restoration

Combine different procedures to replace all teeth in both of your jaws.

bone graft and sinus

Bone Graft / Sinus Lift

Procedure where bone is added to your jaw before implants can be placed.

cosmetic dentistry in mexico


Different cosmetic treatments that improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

dental laser

Dental Laser

A sterilizing laser is used to clean and disinfect the teeth around the sensitive gum tissue.

veneers in los algodones mexico

Dental Veneers

Covers made out of dental porcelain that protect your teeth to keep them healthy.

About Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group is the largest dental group in Los Algodones, Mexico. Established in 1985, it has grown from a 2-chair office to a group with more than 30 dentists with 3 different offices. Our specialists are graduates from the best universities in Mexico, and they have taken courses in several prestigious institutions, including Harvard School of Dental Medicine, International Center of Laser Education and MegaíGen Implants Factory in Seoul, Korea.

Dental Tourism in Mexico

Dental Tourism has become the new way for North American and Canadian citizens to take care of their dental needs. One of the biggest advantages and main reasons why people are resorting to dental tourism in Mexico is because of its very affordable prices.

Sani Dental Groupís team will help you during your complete dental vacation experience. Offering the best dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico is just part of our job. You are not only saving thousands of dollars, youíre also traveling, relaxing and creating a brighter future with a new functional smile.

Los Algodones, Mexico it¥s known as the capital of Dental Tourism for their great treat in any dental care procedure and also for their affordable prices

Los Algodones Dentists

Named for some as the dental capital of the world, Los Algodones, Mexico is known worldwide as the place to travel to get excellent dental work at a very reasonable cost. A calm and colorful town as Los Algodones has a lot to offer to our dental tourists, accommodation, clinics, restaurants, bars, traditional Mexican ìcuriousî and more. Everything within a walking distance in a town made for you.

What to expect from Dental work In Los Algodones Mexico

You'll be amazed by the Sani Dental Group's quality, which is not compromised by the affordable prices. Our dentist received training in the best schools of Mexico and the US, such as Harvard and Loma Linda. You'll be in the best hands. During your visit, you'll have the opportunity to know people from around the world that are also looking for a unique dental experience in Los Algodones, Mexico. So get ready to come back home with not only a new smile but with new friends.

Latest News

10th Medical Tourism Congress

March 20th & 21st - 2019

Sani Medical Tourism was part of the largest and only event in Latin America concerning business on Medical Tourism. The 10th Medical Tourism Congress took place on the 20 and 21 of May 2019 in the beautiful island of Cozumel, Mexico....

Congrats Dr. Hermes Somonte on his award

March 14th - 2019

We're very proud to share with you that Dr. Hermes Somonte, one of our Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, has been chosen to receive the highest distinction prize from the International Society for Research, Health, Business Development, and Technology-SIISDET....

14th Annual Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

February 16th & 17th - 2019

Sani Medical Tourism was part of The 14th Annual Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show. We had the opportunity to participate in the largest consumer travel show in the United States....



Amazing Dentistry (…) This was the best dental experience I had in a lifetime…they strive for perfection…and finish the work on a fast schedule. They did 14 crowns (porcelain fused metal crowns) at $180 each….such would cost a minimum of $1500 each in US (…) Sani has its own Lab in town and they work around the clock… so no long term temporaries and multiple visits… get it done with perfection… now!


As always, outstanding care for enormous savings! Had a bone abscess that required surgery!!!!, Sani Dental fit me in the schedule for the very next day without an appointment. This was during a three day weekend in February for everyone in the US. It was also Snow Bird season… VERY BUSY TIME OF THE YEAR! Thanks again Sani Dental. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for dental work!


Quality work at great prices! The staff is kind and caring, and everything is explained and priced before any work is done. No surprises! Thank you for giving me my smile back! We will continue to use and highly recommend Sani Dental to our family and friends!