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Dentures in Mexico

Permanent Dentures Mexico

We can lose our teeth for many reasons: we may be born with bad teeth, lose them over many years due to accidents, disease, poor dental hygiene, and more.

The most traditional and reliable method of restoring lost teeth is removable dentures. While there are newer, more modern options available, some conditions may prevent patients from getting other solutions.

And other people, for personal reasons, choose not to get treatments that involve surgery. In these cases, the best cost-effective solution can be dentures in Mexico.

Dentures help to improve the patient’s appearance and with this comes an improvement in their confidence too. They also help the patient to eat and speak better.

There are several types of denture appliances for different patient needs. 


Full Dentures in Mexico

Full Mouth dentures are used when all teeth are missing.

During the first dental visit to evaluate the need for dentures, your dentist will examine your gums and supporting bone structure to identify the appropriate treatment plan.

In some cases, extractions of the remaining teeth are necessary before placing the final plate.

Acrylic or Porcelain Full Dentures?

Acrylic dentures can be a very comfortable fit due to the flexibility of the material. It can also be easily adjusted by your dental specialist if it is required, unlike other materials.

Many patients choose this type of denture since it is an affordable tooth replacement option, plus they are easy to clean and take care of.

Dentures made of this material have a denser surface; it is hard, resistant, and easier to clean. Acrylic dentures are also a good option for people who are dealing with bone loss. 

How to take care of your acrylic dentures

Because of the porous structure of this material, this type of denture is prone to accumulate bacteria, if the denture is not taken care of properly the patient may develop an inflammatory disease. To avoid this it is important to clean the dentures thoroughly:

  • Rinse the dentures after eating

  • Remove the prosthesis at night and submerge it in a disinfectant solution

Porcelain dentures have a reputation for being durable and can easily resist wear, preserving tooth length for a longer period compared to acrylic teeth. 

This type of denture tends to put more pressure on the gums and jawbone, so this may not be a good option for patients who suffer from bone loss.

Porcelain, translucency, depth of color, and reflection of light are considered the gold standard of artificial teeth.

How to take care of your porcelain dentures

Dentures made of this material have a hard surface so bacteria cannot easily develop, also, this characteristic makes them easier to clean.

When cleaning your porcelain dentures it is important to be very careful as this material is quite fragile. 

To find out the cost of dentures in Mexico, please consult our price list.

Partial Dentures in Mexico

Partial dentures are a type of prosthesis that replaces a few missing teeth when still having some natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower arch.

You can replace front, back, upper and lower teeth, and still save money with Partial dentures in Mexico.

A partial denture serves to fill the spaces created by missing teeth and to prevent other teeth from shifting position.

The fixed denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach to the adjacent crowns, providing a natural-looking appearance.

During your visit, the prosthodontist will take measurements and impressions of your jaw to create a model of the denture to be made for your unique dental needs, as well as for conventional dentures. 

In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable or bulky, this is normal and with time you’ll become accustomed to wearing it. You’ll also have to learn how to insert and remove the partial denture correctly, but with practice, it’ll become very easy. 

Partial dentures care

Like any type of denture, it is very important to take proper care of your partial dentures; some care measures you should take:

  • Do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures.
  • Brush your dentures with a brush designed for dentures or with a soft-bristled brush, to remove food and plaque to help avoid stains.
  • Important to keep it moist so it doesn’t lose its shape. 

If your denture gets any type of serious damage such as breaks, cracks, or chips, contact your dental professional, do not try to fix them yourself. 

If you are looking for another alternative to help prevent bone loss and replace all your missing teeth, we recommend reading about implant-supported dentures. 

At Sani Dental Group, we are ready to help you recover your functional smile. Call us to schedule a consultation and learn how much you can save with dentures in Mexico.


FAQ Dentures

1.     Will dentures affect my speech?

When receiving a new set of dentures, your muscles will have to adapt, so you may notice a few changes in your speech, but within a week, this should disappear.

2.     Do I have to always remove my denture at night?

It is preferred to remove your dentures when going to sleep so your gums and bone can relax from the pressure of wearing the denture all day. Wearing your denture at night can accelerate the process of bone loss.

3.     Can I eat with dentures?

Yes, but you will have to go through an adjustment period to learn how to eat successfully with them. There will be certain foods that are better to avoid, but if you do consume them you’ll have to be extra careful doing so. Some of these foods are:

  • Sticky foods: like gum and peanut butter, these foods cause the denture to slip slightly while chewing. This can allow food under the denture.
  • Steak: chewing through cuts of meat can put a big amount of pressure on your dentures, which can cause pain.
  • Hard foods: hard candy, popcorn, and nuts, among others. When chewing these foods, your jaw must apply a lot of pressure, which can damage your dentures. 

4.     Can I repair my dentures by myself?

Never try to fix your dentures by yourself. You can permanently damage them. If your dentures need an adjustment or repair, contact a dental professional.

5.     How long do dentures last?

Full dentures can last between 5 and 10 years before having to replace them, while partial dentures can last up to 15 years.


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