COVID-19 Update

We're still open, we take patient and staff safety seriously. We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19, as well as, updates related to the U.S./Mexico International border.

Based on information from the border control authorities, Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel, fulfilling the conditions to cross the border during its partial closure.

We stand ready to assist our patients and employees.


Bone Graft / Sinus Lift

Procedure where bone is added to your jaw before implants can be placed.

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Different cosmetic treatments that improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

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Dental Crowns

Custom made covers to make your teeth stronger with the shape of a natural tooth

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Dental Implants

Long-term solution for teeth replacement that look and feel like your own teeth.

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Dental Laser

A sterilizing laser is used to clean and disinfect the teeth around the sensitive gum tissue.

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Dental Veneers

Covers made out of dental porcelain that protect your teeth to keep them healthy.

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Comfortable, removable, and natural-looking option for missing teeth.

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Full Mouth Restoration

Combine different procedures to replace all teeth in both of your jaws.

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Zygomatic Implants

An alternative treatment for those who cannot undergo a traditional implant surgery due to extreme bone loss

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