Which Treatment Are You Looking For?

Dental implants in los algodones Mexico

Dental Implants

Long-term solution for teeth replacement that look and feel like your own teeth.

dentures in los algodones mexico


Comfortable, removable, and natural-looking option for missing teeth.

dental crowns in los algodones mexico

Dental Crowns

Custom made covers to make your teeth stronger with the shape of a natural tooth.

Full Mouth Restoration procedure

Full Mouth Restoration

Combine different procedures to replace all teeth in both of your jaws.

bone graft and sinus

Bone Graft / Sinus Lift

Procedure where bone is added to your jaw before implants can be placed.

cosmetic dentistry in mexico


Different cosmetic treatments that improve the appearance and function of your teeth.

dental laser

Dental Laser

A sterilizing laser is used to clean and disinfect the teeth around the sensitive gum tissue.

veneers in los algodones mexico

Dental Veneers

Covers made out of dental porcelain that protect your teeth to keep them healthy.