Video Reviews

Honolulu, Hawai  

Ralph Carr

Is Dental work in Mexico worth it? Our patient Ralph, who visits us from Hawaii, tells us about his experience receiving dental work in Mexico, why it is worth a try, and his first impressions of our clinic.

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Georgia, USA  

Tyler Mullinax

Patient Tyler Mullinax, visiting from Georgia, shares his experience visiting a Cancun dental clinic during these times.

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Alaska, USA  

Derek Johnson

Our patient Derek traveled from Alaska to receive five dental crowns and one extraction. He shared with us his experience with his dental vacation in Mexico.

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Colombia, Colombia  

Amanuel Beyene

After an injury years ago, Amanuel wanted to take care of all his dental needs and enhance his smile. Follow our Patient's Journey-Full Mouth Makeover Cancun

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California, USA  

Sheldon L

Watch Sani Dental Reviews, patients who put their smiles in the hands of the dental experts. Renew your smile with dental implants in Los Algodones.

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Tulum, Mexico  

Glodie B

Any ex-pats out there looking for a new dentist, Sani Dental Group Cancun Dental Clinic is the place to go. Our patient shares with us her experience visiting a dentist in Cancun Mexico in these times of pandemic.

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Lima, Peru  

Alexandra Hörler

Unfortunately, accidents happen and they happen when we least expect them. Our lovely patient, Alexandra shares her experience visiting Sani Dental Group's Cancun dental clinic.

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Alaska, USA  

Laura Patin

Our patients new smile was created using dentures. Laura was able to save about 50% with Mexico dentist prices in comparison to the price in Alaska.

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Louisiana, United States  

Shannon Pickett

" I wasn't able to afford it until I came here.. it's literally 70% or even more than that.. that I saved up"

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Yuma, United States  

Karen F

After an accident, our dear patient wanted to restore her front teeth. Luckily, she was referred to Sani Dental Group clinic with the best dentist in Algodones and got her smile back with 2 zirconia crowns.

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New York, United States  

Arian B

"Insurance in the US is absolutely insane. On top of that, sometimes you are not even covered for dental. So yeah, I definitely save money coming here, and I have vacation days"

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Pennsylvania, United States  

Bob Agentis

We asked our patient Bob if he was able to save up money with Playa del Carmen Dentists Prices compared to prices in the U.S.A. This was his answer.

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Chicago, United States  

Svetlana Kaplir

Our dear patients from Chicago have visited our clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico. This time, they choose to travel to the Riviera Maya to receive Cancun Dental Treatments.

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Florida, United States  

Roberta Moore

Our patient received a new veneer and had a wisdom tooth extraction, and saved about a third compared to the dentist prices in the US.

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California, United States  

Charlie and Jennifer .

"If you're gonna go to the dentist, what better way than to go back to a beautiful resort and hang out by the pool while you're recouping".

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States  

Charmaine V

"I've been looking for a while to get some major work done and I looked around at several clinics, and I chose this one because it got a good reputation online, the facilities, the photos are very nice"

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Edmonton Alberta, Canada  

Tony and Rita .

Our patients from Alberta Canada visit us for a Full Mouth Makeover Cancun, Fillings replaces, and Crown.

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Cason City, United States  

Berkley Powell

Dentist in Cancun Mexico - Sani Dental Reviews "We've already been to the clinic in Los Algodones twice before, and we are very happy with the services there and the work that was done, and so, we heard that you were opening here in Playa del Carmen, so, why not come for vacation"

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Surprise, Arizona  

Cindy Schtmit

I heard from other people in the area where I live that your prices were great and your staff is fantastic and the dental work is very good so that's why we decided to come down here and we've been coming here for about five year now.

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Florida, United States  

Thomas Raunila

"All the staff is extremely friendly and I mean, the service I get here is so much better than what I get in Florida, it;s definitely worth the trip"

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