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Learn about the Pre-Op IV Benefits after Dental Surgery in Mexico

Getting treatment to improve your oral health can sometimes involve complex procedures such as surgery. When having to go under dental surgery in Mexico it can result in a very tough process, you may feel nervous and stressed and the recovery period can even turn out to be harsher and longer than expected.

Luckily, there are options to make your recovery process easier and quicker such as Pre Op IV drip therapy, which provides your body with nutrients to make your recuperation

What is IV therapy? 

Intravenous therapy refers to the therapy that provides fluids, medicine, nutrition, or blood directly into the bloodstream through a vein.

For IV therapy a cannula is used, which is a thin tube that goes into the vein, a needle, and another tube that will connect the set-up to a bag of fluid; all of these pieces together are called an “IV”.

An IV also allows the quick delivery of emergency drugs, making this more efficient.

There are two types of IV therapy:

  • Drip infusion: gravity helps to carry the fluids through the tube and into the bloodstream.
  • Pump infusion: a motorized pump will maintain a constant, steady flow of fluids.

How is IV therapy done? 

The process is very simple; a tiny plastic tube is placed into a vein, and inside the tube, there is a needle that helps guide it into the vein.

When the needle goes through the skin you will only feel a little discomfort. When the tube is in the right place, the needle will be removed. Then, the rest of the tubing will be taped to keep it in place.

 The end of the tiny tubing will be connected to a larger tube and hooked into a bag of fluid. The IV will carry the fluid from the bag into the vein.

An average session of IV therapy takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

What does Pre-Op IV contain? 

Our Pre-Op IV drip contains Vitamin C, Multivitamins, and Saline Solution, let's take a look at the importance and benefits of these components. 

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C, is a water-soluble vitamin and an antioxidant. The human body doesn’t store this vitamin that’s why you need to keep it in your diet to maintain healthy levels of it. Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables such as:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Red Peppers

It is also necessary for the production of collagen, which is a protein and the main component of connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. It also provides support and strength to your skin and bones.

Vitamin C is vital for the development and repair of body tissues, that’s why it can speed up the wound healing process, this characteristic can be very convenient after surgery or when having minor injuries.

This vitamin is also involved in other body functions such as the absorption of iron, the functionality of the immune system, and the maintenance of cartilage, bone, and teeth.


A multivitamin is a combination of vitamins, it is usually taken by people who need to obtain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals when they don’t meet these needs from food alone.

Multivitamins can increase your energy levels; when you don’t get enough vitamins your body has to work double, which can lead to fatigue.

They also can reduce stress and anxiety; for example, vitamin B helps convert food into energy and keeps the nervous system functioning properly.

When getting a dental procedure that involves a complex surgery such as getting dental implants in Mexico, you may not be able to eat certain foods, so a multivitamin after surgery can help you get the vitamins and minerals you need.

Saline Solution 

Saline Solution, also known as normal saline, is a crystalloid solution, which is the most common type of IV fluid. It is used to replenish lost fluids, deliver medications, flush wounds, and sustain patients during surgeries. It has been the standard for IV solutions for a very long time.

This type of solution provides electrolytes to the body, which prevents or helps to treat dehydration, which is a very common problem after surgery.


After dental surgery

Surgery can induce heavy stress on the body, although our body has an amazing ability to heal itself there can be many factors that can make this process slower and more difficult.

It may be age, daily stressors, a poor diet, lack of exercise, or the consumption of tobacco, all of these factors can have a huge impact on our recovery process.

Surgery can induce heavy stress on the body, although our body has an amazing ability to heal itself there can be many factors that can make this process slower and more difficult.

Symptoms after surgery will also depend on the type of procedure the patient goes through, but some of the most common are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Soreness or swelling
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dehydration

Patients who suffer from a deficit in vitamins, patients with diabetes, or other health problems are at higher risk of experiencing bruising, inflammation, and other serious complications.  

The recovery period after having surgery may be a frustrating time for you, it can interfere with your daily activities and be very uncomfortable.


The benefits of Pre-Op IV 

Getting Pre-Op IV therapy when getting oral surgery in Mexico can help your body recover faster from the procedure by rehydrating and providing natural healing vitamins, stimulating the production of collagen, decreasing inflammation, and making your healing process so much easier.

After any surgery, your body needs to do extra work, repairing tissue and restoring your health, so you can recover successfully, all this extra work needs a lot of energy, that’s why is very important to have the necessary nutrients to recover properly. Pre-Op IV can give you those nutrients, so can feel so much better faster.

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