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Sani Dental Group Credentials

Credentials and Accreditations

Credentials give facilities standards to work with. Sani Dental Group is a proud member of both international and national organizations. These Credentials validate the quality of the dental work we offer at our clinics and give us the opportunity to build trust among our patients and specialists.


The American Dental Association is the leading source and the voice of American dentistry around the world of oral health-related information, giving access to reliable international standards that ensure compliance and safety across borders, for both dentists and patients.



The Medical Tourism Association has developed the International patient services Certification Training and Certification for Hospitals and clinics in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives focusing on providing access to transparent, high-quality healthcare.



Better Business Bureau Mark of Accreditation inherits the added advantage of over 100 years of trusted goodwill, giving patients confidence that they’re dealing with an ethical and vetted business.



Certified by the Global Clinic Rating, the only international, cross-border organization that ranks clinics based on their expertise and patient satisfaction. The GCR Accreditation means that clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards.



Certified by the Mexican Council of Medical Tourism.



Sani Dental Group has been accredited by Dental Departures as a result of adapting our operations to ensure the highest standards possible for our patients. These protocols result in our offices being one of the safest spaces for dental treatment in the region.

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