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Dental Treatments Performed at a Surgery Center

Los Algodones, Mexico is worldwide known as Molar City thanks to the big dental offer it has for patients from all over the United States and Canada. But know, due to this high demand this town has given the opportunity to different business to grow.

At the beginning of the year, MediPlaza Los Algodones opened its doors to the town’s residents and visitors with the purpose of giving them a wide variety of medical and beauty treatments, and a safe space where people felt with the confidence of relaxing and having a good time.

 MediPlaza Los Algodones: Heal, Rest, Shop and Dine

MediPlaza has 15 business working every day to give you everything you need during your stay in town.

  • Heal: Inside this category we can find differente services that give the patient the chance to increase their quality of life with dental treatments, stem cell therapy and ambulatory surgeries. With bussines such as Sani Dental Group, Timesless Spa, Baja Medical Imaging, One Stop Pharmacy, Baja Surgery Center and Giostar Mexico.
  • Rest: At MediPlaza’s second floor you can find Cielito Lindo, a five star hotel with affordable prices and 29 rooms available.
  • Cielito Lindo is committed to delivering the best medical tourism experience to its guests, which is why they’ve partnered with medical facilities from the area to bring you special discounts and promotions only available to us.
  • Shop: One of MediPlaza’s goals is to offer a space everybody can enjoy, that’s why there are business that offer something more than just medical treatments. Shopping is also a way to distract our minds and get in a good mood, especially if there’s has been a long day of medical appointments. Natura, a place focused on jewelry and craft is perfect for you when looking for a small souvenir or something to complement your outfit with. On the other hand, La Mexicana is a clothing store with all the colors and looks of the rich Mexican culture.
  • Dine: Another advantage that MediPlaza offers is the distance between each business, when feeling hungry you’ll just need to go downstairs and choose where to eat. If you have a craving for sweets, deserts and coffee, you may try My Daily Treat; Quick Bites for fresher and healthy fast food; and Mi Casa Es Su Casa for delicious and traditional Mexican dishes.

Heal at Baja Surgery Center

Baja Surgery Center is the only ambulatory surgery center in the area. It’s a modern facility that has the latest technology and equipment that will help you achieve the health state and quality of life that you deserve through a wide variety of ambulatory surgery treatments such as: plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedic and otorhinolaryngology surgery, urologic surgery and general surgery.

All of the practices performed at our surgery center are done by qualified doctors and follow every safety standard.

Dental Treatments at Baja Surgery Center

Sani Dental Group is aware that some treatments need a different space to be performed in due to the difficulty level of those treatments. In the following paragraphs we mention the main dental treatments available at Baja Surgery Center:

  • Zygomatic Dental Implants: they are a new alternative that avoids grafting and sinus lift procedures, and therefore contribute to a shorter and more comfortable treatment. Zygomatic Implants are much longer in comparison with traditional implants, which are drilled directly into the jawbone.

Candidates for these type of implants are patients with low bone structure or no bone at all, and due to the type of instruments and difficult level of this dental procedure, a surgery center is the perfect place to perform it. To know more about zygomatic dental implants, click here.

  • Dental Bone Graft: is a surgical procedure used to fix problems with bones or joints. During this procedure bone tissue is transplanted to fix bones that are damaged from trauma, or problem joints. Even though a bone graft is a procedure than can be made inside any dental clinic, sometimes the patient can suffer from certain conditions that will be better to perform this procedure at a surgery center.

 Sani Dental Group at Molar City

Sani Dental Group, the largest clinic in town and the first one to own a BBB Accreditation, has a big staff that includes more than 30 dentists, specialists and maxillofacial surgeons. All of them trained to perform an exceptional work and help you recover your smile.

Baja Surgery Center in collaboration with Sani Dental Group, has opened a special space in their OR to perform dental surgeries and other ambulatory esthetical procedures that our patients might need. Our prices will stay inside your budget, and the best part is that the low prices won’t compromise the quality of the treatments.

Give us a call, one of our patient coordinators will help you with any information you might need. Ask for our treatments, promotions, and additional services. Visit Molar City, you’ll see it’s the best place to recover your smile.