Video Reviews

Carson City, Nevada  

Berkley Powell

We’ve already been into the clinic in Los Algodones twice before and we are very happy with the services there and the work that is done and so we heard that you opening here in Playa del Carmen so, why not come for vacations?

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Rancho Cucamonga, USA  

Erick Engebretson

"They were all great, everybody was very helpful and very easy process."

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Surprise, Arizona  

Cindy Schtmit

I heard from other people in the area where I live that your prices were great and your staff is fantastic and the dental work is very good so that's why we decided to come down here and we've been coming here for about five year now.

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Florida, United States  

Thomas Raunila

"All the staff is extremely friendly and I mean, the service I get here is so much better than what I get in Florida, it;s definitely worth the trip"

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Tucson, Arizona  

Steven Anderson

"The Doctors are great and I don't feel much pain at all. I got a good smile again, I'm very satisfied"

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Alaska, United States  

Robin Donaldson

"Professionalism... the organization is extremely well done, I come from a manufacturing and engineering background and the way they've got this set up is efficient and you don't waste time"

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Alberta, Canada, United States  

Hayden Family

"Everybody was lovely, I was happy"

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Farmington, New Mexico, United States  

Diana Howell

"I couldn't ask for anything better, I'm totally satisfied. You need to come here if you have dental work because they're fabulous, they're gentle, they're great. I highly recommend to come here".

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California, United States  

Robert Sapien

"The work I've seen in my mouth I think it was more than what I expected. Everything was great, we will definitely come back"

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South Carolina, United States  

Michelle Tinti

"You met my expectations and exceeded them... Professional, clean, the prices are amazing, the staff from the from desk when you walk in the door... Everyone was great!"

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Bullhead City, Arizona, United States  

Roger Gongora

"If you're considering getting dental work come to Los Algodones. My experience is one that you could learn from, and give Sani Dental Group a try."

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Vermont, United States  

Jonathan Altman

"Not only were they helpful, but extremely competent, and explained to me all the way along the line what was going on."

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Hawaii, United States  

Catherine Bilsky

I liked Los Algodones, because it’s the holder capital of the world it’s where all the dentist start, and after I did all my research, I found out that Sani Dental was the most professional; they called me back, they answered all my questions, they’ve worked with me on everything I needed and Oh my...

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Sacramento, California, United States  

Scott Faulds

"The doctors and staff have been very helpful; I had a lot of trust in the doctor that did the work for me, he explained everything very well and the results are satisfactory"

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Texas, United States  

James Mattox

"The doctors and the staff, they were all very professional, friendly and caring. They cared about how I looked or if I had any questions. It's been a very pleasant and positive experience."

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Nevada, United States  

Ron Deanne

"If anybody is out there that thinks that Mexico and Los Algodones is not a good place to come, I would suggest to do your research"

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California, United States  

Phyllis Goodwin

"The staff and the front desk are so nice and if you need anything, they know your name, you feel like you're a part of the family, so it's a wonderful staff and the doctors have been just the most professional"

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Ohio, United States  

Patrick Dittoe

"I feel that the care is better here than anything I've received in the States. A lot of what I had done this past visit is correcting things that were done by doctors in the States"

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Seatle, Washington, United States  

Colton Ficek

"I enjoyed my stay, everything was nice, peaceful, quiet, very clean. Sani Dental Group is your way to go , just great place all on all"

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Chico, California, United States  

Diana Leadbeater

"I haven't smiled in years because I was so embarrassed because my teeth looked so bad, and now I just wanna smile! They look great, they feel great."

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