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Going on a vacation should be all about having fun – forget about the day-to-day hassles that life may throw at you for a while and give yourself that well-deserved time. Scott-free - a great way to break your routine.

Our teeth are perhaps the part of our body that we put through a lot the most, and a few days off for us don’t mean the same to our teeth. With this in mind, the thought of a dental issue taking place during our vacation starts creeping into the back of our heads.

There’s no need to worry that much, though. There are a lot of ways to prevent any problems from happening and, in the worst-case scenario, fix any others that have already happened.

Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya as a whole have become two focus-point locations for international tourists, and with due reason. Not only will you be able to have the time of your life while enjoying the warm sun and the gorgeous beaches, but affordable dental care will also be within your reach.

With the cost of dental work in Mexico, you won’t have to wait to get back home to fix that chipped tooth or the implant surgery that you have been putting off for quite some time. You might even prefer coming over for your next dental vacation in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen Dental

What is there to do in Playa Del Carmen?

A popular international tourist destination, Playa Del Carmen is located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, on the Riviera Maya strip - you’ll find lots of activities to do as a tourist. 


From bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to tours and trips in the surrounding areas, Playa Del Carmen and Quintana Roo have lots of things to do for everybody, but they’re not limited to the aforementioned activities.

Playa Del Carmen is also a place of international interest for both international tourists and local ex-pat communities due to the high-quality, high-standard medical and dental care in the location.

What treatments can I get?

Dentists in Playa Del Carmen are regarded as the best choice for any procedure that requires dental implants in Mexico. Our clinic in Playacar offers all of the same treatments that we offer in our Los Algodones locations, with additional special esthetic treatments.

Esthetic treatments include:

·         Dental implants (such as All-On-4 or All-On-6 systems);

·         Dental crowns, which are a cap that is placed on a damaged tooth or an implant (if the implant was necessary);

·         Veneers, which are a thin cover placed in front of your tooth or teeth;

Among other treatments and procedures, which are used when reconstructing a patient’s smile.

Full mouth makeovers require the use of different esthetic treatments, procedures, and techniques and aim to restore a patient’s denture’s functionality at its fullest, as well as improve its looks. For better, more personalized results, patients recur to a new procedure called smile design.

Smile design dentistry has gained quite a lot of fame in the past few years due to how much it can improve a patient’s smile. Not only will they be able to fully reconstruct their smile, but they’ll also be able to choose how it looks.

Smile design dentistry

What to expect out of the procedure

A smile design dentistry procedure requires great communication with your doctor – your dentist will let you know what your smile may look like with the use of digital mockups. Some pictures of your current smile may be taken in order to recreate and modify it based on pre-determinate styles. Your dentist may require an esthetic doctor’s assistance to assess which style of smile fits your facial features the best.

If you like how your smile looks digitally, a tailor-made plan will be made to suit your exact specifications. This procedure will require the intervention of various dental specialists, such as maxillofacial surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, and etcetera.

The experience may differ from patient to patient depending on the specifications and procedures that were included in your treatment plan. For example, if a patient has a few teeth in a state of severe damage caused by infection, decay, or trauma, dental extractions may be needed and implants will be used. If some of the teeth can still be saved, they may be filed down to create a structure for dental crowns. If the patient has had a few teeth extracted before but has experienced bone loss, a bone graft may need to be performed so the jawbone becomes strong enough to support the chosen implant system.


Both of the aforementioned dental implant procedures will require the patient to wait for 6 to 8 months for the surgery wounds to heal and the implant to stay sturdily in place. A smile design procedure takes time to be completed mostly due to the fact that implants take a lot of time to heal.

However, if your dental clinic has all of the specialists that you need under one roof, as well as an on-site lab, certain processes can be sped up. For example, with the right type of technology, your dental clinic can craft dental crowns faster and print surgical guides (which are really needed for the success of dental implant surgery) without the need for an external client.

Going to Mexico for Dental Work

Why do people choose esthetic dentistry?

Getting a new set of teeth is not only for patients who need them but for those who feel like improving their smile will make them feel happier. Improving your smile is your decision and there’s nothing wrong with making it look the way you want it to be.


Patients have shown that a healthy smile can not only improve their looks but a lot of aspects of their daily life. A shinier, brighter smile may enhance a person’s looks and raise their self-esteem, as well as correct a wide array of dental and oral issues that were put off or unattended before.

Where should I go for esthetic dentistry?

Our Playa Del Carmen clinic is our latest location yet and is the right choice for patients who want to enjoy their days at the beach with a smile that shines just as bright as the sun that they find themselves under. With the latest dental technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and a variety of specialists in different dental branches, any treatment that you get with us is guaranteed to be top-notch.

If you find it difficult to take a trip to Playa del Carmen, we have 2 other clinics in Los Algodones – a smaller town close to the Arizona border where thousands of people come over every year for dental work.

If you want to schedule an appointment with the best dentists in Mexico, call us at (928) 257-1307 and a team of patient coordinators will be ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries that you might have about our treatments. If it’s easier for you, you can also send us a WhatsApp message at (984) 143-9777. 

You can also fill out a form online with some basic contact information - one of our agents will get in contact with you.

We’re ready to help you smile again.