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Why Americans Choose Mexico for Dentistry

You heard your friend talk about going to Mexico for that dental implant that they’ve been needing to get for quite a while now. It surprised you how daring that decision might sound – traveling to another country that you may not know anything about just to have dental care done, but why did they lean over to that decision instead of just going to their local dental office?

You decided to do some research about the topic and came to the conclusion that traveling to Mexico is probably the best thing to do in their case, and with due reason; dental care in Mexico has evolved to the point in which people from all around the world (especially from the United States) prefer to get full dental treatment plans done here over their own home countries.

Here are a few of the reasons why people decide that dental tourism is the right choice.

Dental care in Mexico

Prices & quality

The concept of affordable dental care does go well with high-quality components and results; most of the treatments that are available for you to get in Mexico are on par with the dentistry standards of the United States, yet you’ll only pay a fraction of the prices that you’d pay for in the United States.


The cost of dental implants in Mexico starts at $750 – All-On-4 systems (used to fully restore and reconstruct dentures) start at $8110. A single dental implant in the United States can start at $1,500, and full mouth implants can start at over $40,000 dollars.

Sani Dental Group is associated with and credited by different international dental associations, including American ones. Rest assured that each implant, crown, or veneer that you get or any procedure in general that you go through is certified to achieve nothing but the best possible results.

The clinics and dentists

Sani Dental Group is recognized as the #1 dental clinic for dental implants in Mexico. Our dental team is made up of the best Mexican implant dentists.

You’ll find lots of specialists in different branches of dentistry under the same roof. Whatever is it that you may need – from a simple dental cleaning to a maxillofacial surgery procedure – Sani Dental Group has got your back.


Our Los Algodones main clinic has an on-site lab that we share with our Premium clinic, which means that the overall time for a process or procedure that requires one will be greatly reduced, and tedious mishaps will be more unlikely to happen (such as a crown that doesn’t fit, a surgical guide that was not made following the specifications of the patient’s mouth, etcetera).

Our Playa Del Carmen offers all the treatments you will find in our Main and Platinum clinics in Los Algodones, but if you’re looking to re-design your smile and achieve the one you have always envisioned, our Sani Dental Playa clinic specializes in Smile Design.

Smile design is a new procedure that has been gaining a lot of traction in the past few years. This procedure allows patients to visualize how their smile will turn out with the use and, with the use of technology and special software, dentists will be able to design different digital mockups following the patient’s demands and objectives. By implementing different sets of esthetic dentistry treatments, dentists will be able to craft a new, tailor-made smile for their patients.


Smile design has returned the grace to a lot of patients of being able to smile again – it has improved their self-esteem, their looks, and their overall quality of life.

Both of our clinics are equipped with the latest pieces of technology to assure that every single treatment has the best possible outcome, and make it easier for both our patients and doctors to undergo any of these procedures without any hassles.

On your journey to a new smile

Setting an appointment for dental care in Mexico

From the moment that you schedule an appointment with us, you’ll notice what great patient care is like. Sani Dental Group has a team of patient coordinators that will be more than glad to guide you through your process and help you out with any inquiries and questions you might have.

If you want to schedule an appointment with us, call (928) 257-1307 or fill out some information to go through this process online.

Let us help you smile again.