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9 Things You Need To Know Before You Go For Dental Care in Mexico 2023

The best city in Mexico for dental work

Are you planning on having a dental vacation soon in Mexico? Maybe you’ve heard about the perks that medical tourism has brought to many people over the years, so if the answer is yes, then this information about 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Go For Dental Care in Mexico will be very useful for you!

Mexico is one of the top destinations to receive dental care thanks to its high quality and affordable prices. Many Americans and Canadians have saved up to 70% on dental treatment with satisfactory results, and their usual picks are the cities near the border.

Los Algodones, Mexico, located about 5 minutes from Yuma, Arizona, is well known for its dental work and it is considered “the dental capital of the world”. Los Algodones dentists are used to receiving foreign patients, so communicating with your trusted dentist in Los Algodones should not be a problem.


It is normal to get have some questions before any trip, so if you are planning on doing it, there are 9 things you need to know before you go for dental care in Mexico that will help you clear your doubts.

1) Book your trip early

It is best if you book your dental appointment with weeks of anticipation during December and April, Best dentist in Mexico can be high on demand, meaning they could be booked for several weeks. This is usually because the weather is nicer during these months since summers can get hot in some areas of the country.

Another recommendation we can give you is to schedule your appointments on a weekday. Most clinics open Saturdays only for a few hours and it might not be enough time for you to get dental work done. So if you schedule on weekends and were planning to return the same day to your hometown, a dentist might ask you to stay another day.

Mondays will be the best day to schedule your dentist appointment if you are trying to get dental care in Mexico and renew your smile. Also, scheduling early your appointment can give you time to heal for the next day and tourists around a little. In case your trip is for a few hours, this will give time to finish the whole procedure and not stay overnight.

Remember that on Sunday all clinics will be closed, so plan your days carefully!

If you need extensive dental work and need to go to your clinic for more than one day, or you are just planning to stay a few days in the city to relax, we recommend checking options on lodging and reserve with time for the number of days you are staying.

Check out this website to get assistance on hotel reservations in Los Algodones! Click Here.

2) Transportation

There are two options to get to your destination: flying or driving. If you leave near the city where your clinic is located, it will probably be more convenient budget-wise to drive directly to it. However, if you are going to a destination that is far from your hometown, taking a plane will be your best option.Sani-dental-group

People who are going to Molar City in Mexico (Los Algodones) tend to fly to the big nearby airports in the United States, such as Phoenix, Arizona or San Diego, California and after that, take a connecting flight to Yuma, Arizona.

For some other people, traveling by car to Los Algodones once the land is a better option since it is not far. For example, if you land in Phoenix it will take a 3-hour drive to arrive or if you decide to land in San Diego, it will only be a 2.5-hour drive approximately.

If you decide to land at the Yuma International Airport, there are some dental clinics in Los Algodones such as Sani Dental Group that offer shuttle services to the clinic for free! Plus, once you arrive at Los Algodones, you will see that cars are not necessary.

Molar City is a place where you can relax by walking around town since literally, everything you need will be just a few steps away from you.

In case you need more information on how to arrive at this beautiful town, click here. You will be able to get road directions and booking flight assistance!

3) Passport

Many people have this question when they are about to take their first medical vacation in a different country. Crossing the border to Mexico is not as difficult as you may think but there are some points you need to follow to avoid any problems:

  • You must have a valid passport. You can’t cross the border with just a regular ID on either side of the country, so make sure you have your non-expired passport at all times or an immigration officer could deny your entry and exit of the country.
  • You don’t need a visa. With just a regular passport you will be able to enter and exit the country with no problem. Unless you are thinking of staying for more than 6 months in Mexico, you won’t need to apply for a visa.
  • Underage will also need a valid passport. In case you are having a dental family vacation, it is important that every member, even if they are minors, have a valid passport.

For more information on the traveler’s passport, take a look at this post.

*Extra tip for border crossing:

Something important to know if you are crossing the border walking or by car are the schedules from the border since they are not open 24 hours.

For example, the schedule from the border in Los Algodones, Mexico is from 6 am to 10 pm every day. After 10 pm, you won’t be able to cross to the United States anymore. Also, it is common to make a lane that could take minutes or sometimes hours, so make sure that you plan your activities in Mexico to cross the border without delays.

4) Currency and Payment Methods

Exchanging your money for Mexican pesos will probably not be necessary. Some cities that receive a high amount of visitors have adopted US currency and Los Algodones is one of those cities.

Click here for more information about the payment methods we accept at Sani Dental Group.

*If you are wondering about dental insurance, here is an extra tip:

Some clinics in Mexico don’t accept dental insurance, but places like Sani Dental Group will let you use it. Even if they don’t work directly with insurance companies, they will help you fill all the necessary paperwork so you could get your money reimbursed from your insurance company.

5) Fun things to do


Mexico is well known for its tourism, there is always a fun thing to do! Just by walking around you can find wonderful things like Mexican curious shops and restaurants where you can get delicious food and drinks.

Tourists that come to Los Algodones have found the city very relaxing to spend time on their medical vacation. The town is so small and colorful that you can walk around everywhere and find interesting street shops where you can buy interesting souvenirs for your loved ones.

MediPlaza is a must-go place. It is the biggest plaza in town where you can find shops to help you heal faster from your dental treatment and get medical supplies, restaurants that go from small treats to delicious typical Mexican food plates, and a spa where you can treat yourself and relax!

You will also find a 20/20 vision center where you can get a free eye exam and get a new pair of glasses, plus, if you are trying to find the cutest Mexican clothes and accessories boutiques, they are inside this plaza. It is an all-in-one plaza!

Take a look at the website to view pictures and get to know all the nice shops inside that you can visit (Click here).

6) Language Barrier

Communication is very important when you are going through a medical procedure. Imagine going to a place where you are not able to understand a treatment that is about to be done to your body. It can probably get you frustrated and just decide not to do it, right?


Most Los Algodones Dentists can speak the language so you can understand your treatment step by step and Sani Dental Group is no exception. At this clinic, not only doctors but staff members also, can understand and speak English fluently.

This can probably make you more comfortable because they will be able to explain and walk you through every possible option on dental care and maybe some paperwork that will need to be filled out. 

When in a clinic, even staff members can communicate with you, and you can choose the procedure that best suits your needs and is satisfied with it, which is the most important thing.

Outside of the clinics in Los Algodones, you will see that everyone will be able to understand you and vice versa. It will be easy to make friends with local people from the town. The nicest thing is that if you are trying to learn some words in Spanish, they will also be able to help you out!

7) Safety when traveling for dental care in Mexico

Going outside our country can make us a little bit scared, especially when on the news we hear not the most pleasant things about other places. It is perfectly normal to feel that way and I am happy to tell you that there are places in Mexico that can be completely safe.

Los Algodones is a place visited by people from all over the world and its locals are completely devoted to them! It is true that when you arrive in this small town you can see more tourists than locals receiving their dental treatments in the mornings and relaxing in the evenings in different parts of town.

At night, this town can be silent and comfortable to stay because most of the locals work very early in the morning and patients have early appointments, so you won’t have an issue with noise. If you decide to walk around at night, you will see that no precautions are needed to be taken like in other towns in Mexico.

The few locals from Molar City can be very friendly. You can ask them anything and they can instantly become your friends. They will take care of you by helping you watch your step and cross the streets safely if you need it. If you travel alone, keeping the company here will be easy!

Los Algodones is the safest place in the world, period.

8) Costs

The main reason why people from the United States and Canada rather take a trip and get medical work in Mexico is that it is a budget-friendly country for all treatments. We are not kidding when we tell you that you can save up to 70% on dental work in this country.

Sometimes when we receive this kind of bargains we can think clinics provide non-quality dental parts or treatments, but this is the opposite. Mexico is known for providing the best quality on dental care and satisfied medical travelers have taken advantage.

Clinics in Mexico are more affordable because life in this country is cheaper compared to other ones, plus the government subsidizes dentist’s education, avoiding for them to have huge student loans when graduated, that way they don’t have to charge a lot for dental care and it can be provided to their locals.

At Molar City, most clinics are regulated just like in the United States, using only materials and equipment from that country. Places like Sani Dental Group are accredited by the American Dental Association, making sure all their patients receive the same quality and care as in your country. Additionally, Los Algodones dentists at Sani Dental have been trained in the best schools in the country. 

Here you will be able to view and compare prices from Mexico and your regular dental clinic. Get ready to be surprised!

9) Clinic Recommendations

If you already decided to receive dental care in Mexico or fact, in Molar City, the best advice I can give you is to review the clinic recommendations.


This is the best way to compare one clinic to another and most importantly, see how other patients like yourself have been treated and get an idea of the establishment's cleanness, friendly staff, and if the doctors were professional enough to complete the treatments successfully.

Sani Dental Group, with almost 40 years of experience, is known as the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones. We have over 35 chairs and a group of professional doctors and specialists ready for patients to be treated.

Take a look at our patient reviews here! Once you compare the difference you will see that we are a trustworthy clinic and hopefully consider us as your best option.

We already tell you 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Go For Dental Care in Mexico, Give us a call for more information, and get ready to receive the smile you deserve!