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The Best 5 Dentist in Mexico- According to Patients

Dental tourism in Mexico continues to grow. Now that you’re looking to take care of your dental needs, you may be asking yourself, “How can I find the best dentist in Mexico?” because the truth is, with so many options and different clinics, it can be difficult to know who to trust with your smile.

Sani Dental Group wants to make things easier for you, here you’ll find a list of the top 5 best dentists in Mexico according to former patients, which hopefully will serve as a guide on how to find a top dentist in the region that will meet all your needs.

If you are not sure what documents you need to enter Mexico, you can check here. 

Top 5 Rated Dentists in Mexico

1-. D.D.S. Paul Lopez Hernandez
Cosmetic Dentistry

D.D.S. Paul is currently a member of our team of Los Algodones Dentists.

D.D.S. Paul Graduated from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa as a Dental Surgeon in 2003. He became a specialist in prostheses and Implants.
Over the years, he has attended several courses and congresses, both in Mexico and abroad.

Some of the above-mentioned national courses are:

  • Sixth Ibero-Latinoamerican Congress of Odontology in Cancun (2003)
  • National Congress of Prostheses and Implants in Morelia (2017)
  • International Congress of Implants and Pharmacology in Morelia (2018)

Some of the international courses he attended are:

  • Global Summit Laser. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. October 2018.
  • Third Straumann Latam Congress. Miami, Florida. October 2018.

“Dr. Paul and his assistant are #1- great work- fast, friendly beautiful smile he made for me and my husband Excellent dentist!”
Carrie Aldiguieri

2. D.D.S. Karen Christy Caballero Montes

D.D.S. Karen Caballero is currently a member of our team of Los Algodones Mexico Dentists.

Dental Surgeon. A graduate of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa
Dentist Karen has attended several courses and workshops on Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry.
Some of these courses are:

  • Course: New Trends in Modern Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry
  • BPS Biofunctional Prosthetic System and BPS Brand Prosthetics
  • All On 4 with Davo in Mexico City.
  • All On 4 Protocol, Surgery and Prosthetic, in Malo Clinic, Lisboa Portugal, November 2018.
  • Restoration Implants and Manipulation of Tissues in Los Algodones with Milko Villaroel.

3. D.D.S. Omar Gerardo Valero Monroy
Periodontics & Dental Implants

D.D.S. Omar is currently a member of our team of Los Algodones Dentists

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California as a dental surgeon in 2011. In 2016 he Postgraduate in Periodontology in UABC Mexicali.

Doctor Omar is Certificate by the Mexican Board of Periodontology, as a Specialist in Periodontology, and he is also a member of the International Team of Implantology (ITI) since 2015.

He has had the opportunity to different international courses, like:

  • All On 4 Protocol, Surgery and Prosthetic, in Malo Clinic Lisboa Portugal, November 2018.
  • 8th Conference of the European Federation of Periodontology in London, UK, June 2015.
  • 12th International Symposium on Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry in Boston, June 2016.
  • Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016 in New York, June 2016
  • ITI World Symposium in Basel Switzerland, May 2017
  • Cumbre Mundial BIO lase. In Punta Cana Dominican Republic, October 2018.

4. D.D.S. Carlos Alberto Marquez Caldera
Periodontics & Dental Implants

D.D.S. Carlos Alberto is currently a member of our team of Los Algodones Dentists.

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California as a dental surgeon in 2011.
Over the years, D.D.S. Carlos Marquez has pursued his particular interest in Implantology and has continued developing in this area.

  • Surgical Techniques on Periodontology, San Francisco University in Quito Ecuador, April 2014.
  • Workshop in Advanced Implant Dentistry & Periodontics. Jerusalem, Israel.
  • International Course on Orthodontics, Endodontics, Implants, and Pharmacology. Michoacan, 2018.
  • Course in Advanced Implantology by Dr. Francisco Teixeira Barbosa.
  • International Team Of Implantology (ITI) Symposium, Rivera Maya, Mexico. May 2018.
  • Symposium of Bone Regeneration for training dentists in Secretary of Health, Mexicali 2018.

5. D.D.S. Guillermo Antonio Márquez Pérez
Cosmetic Dentistry

D.D.S. Guillermo Márquez is currently a member of our team of Los Algodones Dentists.

Graduated from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa as a dental surgeon in 2013.
Dentist Guillermo Márquez is known for his personalized care. He has continued his training by attending several courses, some of them include:

  • CPR Resuscitation Course
  • Prosthetic Rehabilitation on Implantology Course. Los Algodones, B.C. May, 2016.
  • Seminar XXII Ivoclar Vivadent, Mexico City. August, 2017.
  • International Team Of Implantology (ITI) Symposium, Riviera Maya, Mexico. May 2018.

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With more than 30 years of experience welcoming patients from all over the world, and committed to providing only the best dental experience, all Sani Dental Group dentists continue to seek new courses and keep abreast of the latest in the dental industry.

Last year, one of our Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, D.D.S. Hermes Somonte was chosen to receive the highest distinction prize from the International Society for Research, Health, Business Development, and Technology-SIISDET in Colombia. In recognition of his achievements, merit, and continuous dedication.

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