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What to expect when Traveling to Mexico nowadays for Dental Work

When talking about traveling to another country to receive medical treatment, we know it might sound frightening.

If you aren't certain about doing so or even if you have doubts about the country you intend to visit, the following information will be extremely useful and will help you make an informed decision. Here you can learn all about the measures we are taking against Covid-19.

Nowadays hearing the term Medical Tourism is very common, dental care is one of the top medical specialties that Americans and Canadians seek in foreign countries. Last year, more than 500,000 American citizens crossed borders to this country for dental work.

The ease of crossing the borders, lower prices, and quality care are among the reasons for visiting Mexico when considering traveling to receive dental work.

When visiting Mexico for dental work expect to find:

1. Top Dental Clinics

Some of the best high-quality clinics are found in Mexican cities. For example, Los Algodones is commonly known by many as the dental capital of the world! When tourists visit Los Algodones they're amazed by the number of clinics in town as they’re over 300 dental clinics nowadays.

When Travelers arrive in Mexico, they can expect to find excellent clinics with all services in town for half the US costs. The low prices do not compromise the quality of care. It is a matter of looking carefully at the standards of each clinic before making an appointment.

Nowadays where nearly all clinics have a website, anyone should be able to find about safety standards, certifications, and specific care protocols for patients. Remember to always check for past patients' reviews when considering visiting a dental office.

Sometimes we think that the US is the best country when considering quality dental care and equipment, but in some clinics of Los Algodones, it is even better!

2. Different specialties

Some people are in need of serious extensive work including implants, full mouth restorations, and oral surgeries.

When traveling to Mexico for a procedure, patients can expect to receive care from Dentists who have different specialties. Therefore, patients usually don’t have any problem finding a clinic with the work they need to recover their smiles.

Among travelers who visit the city of Los Algodones, the common procedures are regular teeth cleanings, extractions, crowns, implants, root canals, and dentures. These procedures aren’t usually covered by their dental insurance back home, forcing patients to spend lots of money on one single treatment.

3. Bilingual staff and doctors

We know the importance of being able to communicate with the person who is performing the procedure. No one should feel restricted because of language when receiving medical treatment.

When patients visit Los Algodones dentists they can expect to be able to communicate through all of their procedures. 

As being a town devoted to tourists, almost every dentist is bilingual and prepared to answer any of your questions, especially during the consultation.

We always recommend asking these questions during the consultation with your dentist when considering dental work:

  • Credentials and specialists
  • Post-treatment offers and warranties
  • If they’re a member of the ADA
  • Material and equipment they use
  • Least invasive option to treat the problem
  • Risk and Benefits of dental work.

4. Affordable prices

Like mentioned before, many traveled to Mexico to get quality dental work for an inexpensive price, which often turns out to be up to 70% less than what they would pay in the US when visiting the right place.

Compare prices for yourself:



At this point, many might be wondering how the low prices are. First, education fees in Mexico are lower. Plus, the government subsidizes the education of many dental students.

In Mexico, there is no high-priced mandatory insurance for medical patients and institutions.

The lower operating costs, which referred to the expenses that are related to the operation of the clinic, are lower in Mexico than in other countries.

Also, labor costs are inferior to the compensations for the dental staff, reducing the overall cost for the patients.

In cities like Los Algodones, where there are many clinics, the competition encourages to set lower prices and still offer quality dental work to the patients.

But the truth is you cannot rely on that every clinic works with the highest standards of quality, especially when there are so many competing clinics.

So how do you know if you are visiting the right place for dental work that will meet your specific requirements?

It’s all about planning. Before making a decision that will change the appearance of your smile, when doing some research, take some time to compare destinations and clinics.

The best place for dental work in Mexico

When thinking of having a dental procedure, the best place to visit is Los Algodones. We have already mentioned the city of Los Algodones, but it’s important to know where exactly Mexico is located.

The capital of dental tourism is known by many as the Molar City thanks to the large number of tourists that visit each year for dental health purposes.

Los Algodones is the northernmost town in Mexico. It is situated near the borders of both southeastern California and southwestern Arizona, making it very accessible for American citizens to leave their cars in the state and cross the border walking.

For those coming far away, taking a plane to the nearest airports will be the best option. The nearest airport to Los Algodones is Yuma (YUM) Airport which is 13.6 km away from the Molar City.

Other nearby airports include San Diego (230.4 km) and Phoenix (PHX) (267.3 km), not as close as the Yuma Airport, but still a good alternative.

Established in 1985, Sani Dental Group was one of the very first clinics in town. The clinic has grown from a 2-chair, one-dentist office, to become the largest dental group in Los Algodones nowadays, with 38 chairs and two clinics in the Molar City.

It is very easy to get to any of the two locations from the border:

Sani Dental Group Platinum is the newest facility that offers the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. To get there, after crossing the border turn right on the first block which is "A Street".

Then, turn left on the next block which is "3rd Street". Then approximately 50 meters straight, almost at the end of the block is the clinic.

For many, Sani Dental Group Alamo with an on-site dental lab is the perfect fit. When you have crossed the border continue walking straight, without turning on any corners crossing two streets (“A” St. & “B” St.), then in the middle of the block you’ll find the clinic right next to MediPlaza.

Being treated at Sani Dental Group means being treated at a facility that works with the latest technology and dental equipment, patients can be confident they are in a place where they will receive the high-quality dental work they deserve.

The unique work process of the clinic is as important as the treatment provided. With an on-site laboratory that works only with first-class materials, the Dentist and Technician collaborate to determine the most appropriate way to carry out the treatment.

Dental Laser Technology.

Laser dentistry potentially offers a more comfortable treatment option for a number of dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue, for example, tooth decay, whitening, and gum disease.

It becomes a cost-efficient procedure option for patients, as they may be less expensive because the laser treatment is usually completed in fewer sessions comparing to non-laser dental work.

The perfect place for a Mini Vacation


Depending on each treatment, patients may need to stay for a few days to complete the dental work. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to get to know another country?

Los Algodones is the perfect place to get to know more about the beautiful country of Mexico.

When tourists decide to visit, they can expect to be in a calm city, taste a traditional Mexican dish, listen to some music, or simply relax in the best hotels in town.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a bad experience, and we’re all about helping our patients to have the best time while they restore their smile.

We have a full team of patient coordinators that work every day to assist you through the whole process to make your visit as easiest as possible.

They can help to schedule an appointment at the clinic and also a shuttle service that picks up our patients from the border or the nearest airport, plus this service is free!

We also have partnered with two hotels in town to make sure our patients can relax and enjoy their trip.

Cielito Lindo Hotel and Hacienda Los Algodones have all the accommodations patients may need during their visit for dental work.

Tourists are often impressed with the completely Mexican decoration of both hotels which makes these places very special. When they stay the night to get their treatment done, the warmth and coziness of the hotels make them feel just at home and enable a peaceful recovery.

These are a few but still great advantages that allow Sani Dental Group to rise above the competition in Los Algodones. Now that you know what to expect when visiting Mexico for dental work, we're confident some doubts were answered with all of the above information. 

Give Mexico clinics a chance when considering Dental Tourism, recover your smile with the help of the best doctors in Mexi