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Explore our safety Guideline Program

The Sanitize program puts your health and safety at the center of all our operations.

During these times of uncertainty, we have focused much on the continuous enhancement of safety, adapting spaces, and operations of all our clinics.

Sani Dental Group is deeply committed to taking care of the dental needs of our communities, as oral health cannot be sidelined.

As part of our commitment to providing the best dental work in Mexico, we created the Sanitize Program, which enables us to receive you in the safest, reliable place for patients and staff. Puts your health and safety at the center of all our operations.

Guided by the health department authorities and following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Sanitize Program includes the safety measures taking place at our facility. Please continue reading to explore our full guideline program.


  • Temperatures and oxygen levels checks

Upon entering the clinic, temperature and oxygen levels will be checked as part of our sanitary filter.

  • Health Questionnaires

Patients will be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding any current symptoms, recent exposure to COVID, and overall health.

  • Hand sanitizer and a mask will be provided to everyone upon entering the office.

Although Sani Dental Group has always been concerned about hygiene and optimum cleaning in our facilities, we have increased the number of routine cleanings throughout common areas, as well as our sanitation protocols.

Also, Footwear sanitizing mats have been positioned at entry points.

  • Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Mandatary use for the staff of equipment including KN95 masks, eye protection glasses, Full Acrylic Face Masks, protective gowns, and gloves.

Patients and companions must wear masks in common spaces. This will be provided if needed.

  • Trained nurse Personnel

Medical and security personnel on staff assisting arriving patients, fully prepared to attend, and rapidly respond at any time.

We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19 and following the authority's recommendations. Some of these steps of the program can be modified as the situation develops, while others have become the new standard of care at Sani Dental Group.

Temporary Companion Policy

We recommend preventing patients from bringing companions to their appointments, except for instances where the patient requires assistance.

This, to reduce the number of people in our facilities and, therefore, the risk of exposure between patients, companions, and staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

But, is it safe traveling to receive dental work in Mexico?

Travel restrictions are still in place and different for each country, but travel is starting up again. With new measures and slowly but starting again.

People are going for it, whether due to the cheaper flights airlines are offering, the desire for a change of venue, or the need to take care of their health without spending too much.

When considering traveling by plane, you should know the risk is reduced. Airports are taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of contagions.

Constant intensive cleaning, safe distance with an empty seat between passengers, and even temperature readings are only some of the new standards.

On the other hand, for people who are closer to one of our locations, we recommend traveling by car.

To reach both of our clinics in Los Algodones is necessary to cross the border. To this day, authorities from both US and Mexican governments have limit inbound land border crossings from Mexico to “essential travel”.

Individuals traveling for medical purposes to receive treatment in the United States or Mexico) are considered essential travelers. This also includes dental treatments.

It’s important to make clear This restriction does not prevent U.S. citizens from returning home.

Moreover, we support our patients with a letter from our facility mentioning the reason and duration of the visit, specifying the dental treatment received. This, to facilitate their return to the States.

With this restriction, crossing waiting times at the border have been significantly reduced, which has facilitated the return to the states, of many of our patients. If you want to know more about the restrictions at Los Algodones border visit here.

Patients ask how safe is to visit our clinics and we understand their concerns. With the implementation of the Sanitize program, we can guarantee that our dental offices are one of the safest to receive dental work in the country.

As a result of the changes that have been implemented in our day-to-day operations, our clinics have been awarded the COVID-19 Trust Shield Certificate from Dental Departures.

We are the only clinic in the region with this certification, and very pleased with this accreditation, as it helps us to give both our patients and staff members ease of mind.

We hope you’ve found this information valuable. At Sani Dental Group, your health and safety will always be our top priority. We will continue with the efforts to provide only the best dental work in Mexico in the best possible environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about our sanitize program, updates regarding the international border, or any other additional information, please send us a message or call us at 925-257-1307.