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Sani Dental Group Reviews: Read About Our Patients' Experience

Dental tourism has been a growing trend in the lasts years, and there are a lot of reasons why people travel long distances to undergo treatments.

Truth is, by traveling outside of your city of residence to one of the many dental tourism destinations, you end up saving more than half of the price you’d spend in the U.S. or Canada.

Traveling for dental work to another country may seem scary and difficult. Therefore, we recommend doing a little research in order for you to make the right decision and to choose the clinic that satisfies all your dental needs. Reading former patients' experience is a must when doing research about a clinic.

Where Can I Go to Get Dental Work?

Choosing a dental clinic is not a decision people should take lightly. There’s actually a lot of serious aspects to consider before deciding your clinic of trust. For example prices, location, warranty, and most importantly what kind of experience previous patients have had in the clinic.

Patients’ reviews can guide you to the perfect place. These show the patient’s truest feelings towards the clinic and their dentists. By reading other people’s opinions you can find out about the waiting time before the appointment, the staff’s interaction with patients, hygiene standards, and more.

In Sani Dental Group, the largest clinic in Los Algodones, thousands of patients have received dental treatments, and have returned home with the smile of their dreams.

Gad Meiron Richardson from the United States wrote on May 4th: "Choosing the SANI group for my dental care was a great decision. I was at a crisis point, with extensive dental work needed. And I mean EXTENSIVE. But dentists in the USA had always treated me one tooth at a time. SANI looked at my mouth as a whole and suggested a complete treatment plan in three phases. I have completed phase one. Two more to go, each spaced 6 months apart. By the end, I will have a completely new mouth. Throughout my experience, the SANI staff has been helpful, professional, and very good at what they do. And the cost? One-third of what I would pay in the USA."

Lower prices don´t mean lower quality

It’s well known that having dental work in Mexico can make you save up to 70% on dental treatments compared to the U.S. and Canada prices. But what many people don’t know, it’s that the prices don’t compromise the work’s quality.

At Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Mexico you can receive the dental work you need with the highest standards by just paying 30% of the price you would pay in your home country. That's why dental tourism, has become so popular, it’s the best option for those who need dental work but have a limited budget.

Is Sani Dental Group a Trustful Clinic?

Like we said, Sani Dental Group is not only the largest dental group in Los Algodones, it is one of the largest in Mexico as well.

We have more than 30 dentists and specialists dedicated to treating all your dental needs. Plus, with decades of experience in dental tourism, we are sure you’ll go back home smiling as you’ve never had before.

On May 12th, Patricia Bird wrote a review telling us about her experience as a patient at Sani Dental Group: "It has been almost 5 months since my dental work was started, I had 4 on 4 dental implants. I loved my surgeon, I felt his work was excellent, he was also very professional, kind and caring. All of the staff at Sani Dental were pleasant and helpful in every way. The transportation service to and from the airport was a great way to start and end my dental experience. The hotel was brand-new, very comfortable and clean, the staff was always ready with excellent service and advice. I will return to Sani Dental in a few days to complete my implants and I am looking forward to another awesome experience!"

With a wide variety of dental treatments, affordable prices, and very experienced doctors, you’ll prove that recovering the smile you’ve lost is easier than you thought it could be.

Like Valerie Donahue from Kingman, USA said recently: "Sani is the place to go for great service and wonderful prices. Good people, very kind and helpful. I also stayed at both Hotels and they were both great. The people working there were very kind and helpful. They are wonderful people. I would tell anyone to go there. I love them!" What do you think? Will you listen to her?

Sani Dental Group offers between 2 and 5-year warranty in all of the procedures performed in our clinics, so you’ll be able to go back home not only with the smile of your dreams, but also without worrying about anything. At our clinic, we're all about our patients' safety and comfort.

There are hundreds of dental clinics in Los Algodones, but you must choose the one which offers you more quality. When a dental clinic has a good reputation and offers a warranty on their work, you can trust that the clinic hires only dentists with proven experience.


Global Clinic Rating

Sani Dental Group earned the GCR rating which is the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide. 

The Global Clinic Rating concluded that Sani Dental Group is the number one dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico due to four important factors:

  • Our Facilities
  • Expertise 
  • Patients Feedback
  • Standards.

In addition, Sani Dental Group counts with different credentials of multiple institutions that they give us the opportunity to be recognized Worldwide.

We invite you to read about our patients’ reviews and compare the information yourself. You will not regret your decision.
You can also give us a call in case you have any doubts about our additional services, appointments or treatments. Our patient coordinators will gladly assist you.