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Maxillofacial Surgery in Mexico

The way we take care of our teeth can be linked to heart problems, diabetes, and other health concerns. Sadly, sometimes taking proper care of our smile is not enough to prevent other dental diseases. So, what to do when a visit to our dentist of trust is not enough?

Dental injuries and defects can affect our smiles aesthetically and functionally. Lucky for all of us, oral and maxillofacial surgery is a discipline that helps people with diseases that cannot be prevented; everything ranging from the removal of impacted teeth to the repair of facial trauma.

What Does A Maxillofacial Surgeon Do?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are very different from regular dentists in a number of ways. They have to complete a total of eight years of studies in order to be able to treat patients by making a proper diagnosis, surgery, and treatment for diseases, injuries, and defects that involve hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region.

Plus, maxillofacial surgeons have had special training in techniques of emergency medicine, general surgery, and anesthesiology. In a simpler way, the oral surgeon is like the orthopedic surgeon of the facial region.

When Should I Visit an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon?

There are a lot of reasons to schedule a visit to a maxillofacial surgeon, and your dentist should be able to tell you when it's time to see an oral surgeon. But in the meantime, we'll tell you a few reasons why you should consider an appointment soon:

• If you need teeth replacement.
• If you have a jaw, oral, or facial cyst diagnosed, that needs to be removed and reconstructed.
• If you need your jaw aligned with orthognathic surgery.
• Need facial and jaw reconstruction.
• Need your facial bones to be realigned after facial trauma.
• Have a consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for aesthetic surgery.
• Need teeth extractions.

A lot of patients can be referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon by a general dental specialist, and in many instances, oral and maxillofacial surgeons work in collaboration with other specialists such as orthodontists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and oncologists as part of multidisciplinary teams to optimize the treatment of major conditions and diseases of the mouth, faces, and jaws.

How Much Does An Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon Cost?

This is a common question if you know that you might have to face oral and maxillofacial surgery soon. However, there is no specific answer because the price varies depending on what type of oral maxillofacial surgery you need, the oral surgeon you see, and your dental or medical history.

The amount of experience the surgeon has and the difficulties of the procedure are other factors that can help determine the cost of oral surgery. But the most significant factor that determines how much your surgery can cost is whether or not you have dental insurance.

In most cases, your insurance can cover part of the cost of your oral surgery. Sadly, a lot of people don’t have insurance that is comprehensive enough to cover the dental work or they simply don’t have insurance.

Where To Go In Need of an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon?

It’s important to clarify that most of the oral issues that require surgery need immediate and proper attention and waiting to set an appointment until you can afford it, it's not a wise decision.

Nowadays, dental tourism has become a huge trend among Americans and Canadians that seek high-quality dental work. Whether is for insurance or long waits for surgery, thousands of people decide to put their health first and look for other options outside of their country.

People that haven't traveled to undergo a dental or medical procedure might think that it’s a risky decision but in fact, you'll be shocked to realize it's the total opposite.

Mexico is a very popular country known not only for their colorful culture, the heath warming people or their beautiful paradisiac beaches. Today, it's also known for being an awesome choice as a dental tourism spot.

Molar City: Los Algodones, Mexico.

Los Algodones is a small town 7 miles away from Yuma, AZ, and it's worldwide known as Molar City. This Mexican town has grown a lot in the last decades thanks to its amazing offer of dental treatments.

Every day, more and more people cross the border to get any type of dental treatment. Everything from cleanings to veneers, crowns, and dental implants. The low prices and the short proximity of Mexico have resulted in some of the main reasons why North Americans have become dental tourists in this Latin American country.

Also, the affordable cost and high-quality dental procedures are some of the main reasons why Molar City has become very popular among foreigners. By visiting Molar City you can save around 50 to 70 percent less of what you’d spend in the US or Canada.

Sani Dental Group, the largest clinic in town and the first one to own a BBB Accreditation, has a big staff that includes more than 30 dentists, specialists, and maxillofacial surgeons. All of them are trained to perform exceptional work and help you recover your smile.

Baja Surgery Center in collaboration with Sani Dental Group has opened a special space in their OR to perform dental surgeries and other ambulatory esthetical procedures that our patients might need. Our prices will stay within your budget, and the best part is that the low prices won’t compromise the quality of the treatments.

Give us a call at (928) 257 1307 to schedule an appointment with the best Los Algodones dentist teams. One of our patient coordinators will help you with any information you might need.

Ask for our treatments and additional services. Visit Molar City, you’ll see it’s the best place to recover your smile.

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