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How Do Permanent Dentures Work?

We use our teeth every day; we use them to chew our food, we expose them to different chemicals by having different types of drinks, and we put them to everyday hassles; we often make the mistake of thinking that our teeth are permanent dentures.

Our teeth are powerful and could be considered to be useful tools, but they cannot take everything that we make them go through for very long. There’s no way around growing old, and there’s no way to escape the different dental issues that come with age.

We could delay all of those issues from appearing by taking proper care of our teeth, but that does not mean that we’re exempt from them showing up when we get older.

An alternative that a lot of people resort to is to use permanent dentures once they have lost a good amount of teeth.

What are permanent dentures?

You’ve probably heard about dentures in lots of different places; you might’ve seen them in cartoons, movies, or probably somebody you know uses one. However, the type of dentures that we’re going to talk about is not like those.

As the name states, permanent dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures; permanent dentures are held in place using dental implants, removing the need to use conventional dentures.

This type of denture can be installed in a certain way to allow the patient to remove it; this denture is called a “snap-on” denture. Such dentures are preferred by most patients as they’re easier to maintain and use and don’t need a dentist’s intervention.

Due to the frequency to which these dentures are installed and how dental technology has evolved, the snap-on denture cost in Mexico is way more affordable than compared in other places.

Now that we’ve given a brief overview away, you might be wondering what the best option for you is. Let us tell you a little bit more about how they work


Benefits of permanent dentures:

         There are a few reasons why people tend to prefer permanent dentures over traditional ones:

  • Snap-on dentures are easier to remove, clean, and maintain when compared to set dentures;
  • Permanent dentures look, feel, and act like real teeth;
  • They can be as strong as real teeth, which means that you’ll be able to eat and drink anything just like before without being concerned about breaking your teeth;

The best thing about permanent dentures is that they can be adapted to the patient’s needs and wants. It’s best to consult any of your questions with your dentist to make sure which option fits your situation the best.

It’s also important to consider that teeth are essential; our teeth allow us to chew our food, talk, and have an overall good quality of life. A clean, healthy-looking denture is a synonym to

Permanent dentures: how do they work?

A set of permanent dentures can be used to replace a single tooth, a group of teeth, or all of your missing teeth. The fewer teeth that are replaced, the fewer screws that are needed.  

The most common type of permanent dentures are All-on-4 dentures; All-on-4 dentures are installed by setting 4 dental implants both in the lower and upper jaw, which will hold an unset plate in position. That doesn’t mean that the plate is unstable, though.


 A patient can choose to have their denture affixed to their implants to make it set, or they can ask to have them set up in a way so they can remove them. The factors that come into play to choose one of these two options are cost and the patient’s preferences.

How are permanent dentures made?

            To get permanent dentures, your dentist might do some of these procedures:

  • Some impressions of your jaw and mouth will be taken to start planning the denture’s model; the denture will be made to meet your exact specifications to assure that it will be high quality and no complications will show up;
  • Your dentist will make a raw, unpolished model of your denture for you to try out. It’s important to let your dentist know if the model bothers you or feels right, as this model will be the direct reference to cast the final denture;
  • The final version of your denture will be cast and put into place.

These steps are just a brief overview of what to expect during the making of a permanent denture; the experience may differ depending on your dentist.


How to take care of your denture:

It’s normal to feel out of your place with your new set of teeth; after all, they’re not your natural teeth. They might feel a little bit lost at first, but just keep in mind that your muscles need to get used to them.

For you to get used to them, your dentist might tell you to keep the denture on every day, all day. This will help you identify any spots or details that need adjustment.

If your problems persist and you don’t notice any improvement, you should see your dentist have your denture adjusted.

You can take care of your dentures by brushing them just as you would with your natural set of teeth.        

If you’d like to read more about how to brush your teeth properly, take the time to read this blog. 

How do I know if I need dentures?

You don’t need to lose all of your teeth to require a denture; however, if most of your teeth find themselves in a really bad state beyond salvation or being fixed, it is recommended to get dental bridges instead of a complete denture.

Nevertheless, a full set of dentures could be the right thing to do if you:

  • Eating certain types of foods (such as crunchy and hard foods) is almost impossible;
  • You experience over-the-top painful toothaches;
  • You feel like your teeth are loosening up or changing’
  • You have poor hygiene habits and visiting the dentist is something that you don’t do.

Remember that a denture could change the way you feel; you shouldn’t be ashamed of getting one as it could improve your self-esteem, your image, and your overall quality of life. A healthy set of teeth can change your world.

Where can I get a permanent denture?

Getting a denture is something that you should take seriously; you should take getting a dentist whose job is high-quality into consideration, as a new denture could change your whole look.

Have you ever considered going to Mexico to get dental work done? Every year, thousands of people resort to being part of a phenomenon called medical tourism.

This type of tourism has risen in popularity in the last couple of years; people have noticed that they can get high-quality work in other places at way more affordable and friendlier prices.


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