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Dental Bridge or Implants - Which One Is the Best for You

If you have lost one or more teeth, it's probable that you want to fill that gap in your smile. There's no doubt about it, everyone prefers to have a mouth full of strong teeth. The question that becomes present when you're in this situation is: "what dental treatment should I choose?" To help you with this, here we share with you everything you need to know about dental bridges and implants. We hope you find this information helpful to make the decision that suits better with you.

What Is a Dental Implant? 

A dental implant is a metal post that acts as an artificial root that is placed in the jaw to hold a replacement tooth. Dental implants provide great stability and don't slip or shift in your mouth, which makes them feel more natural than conventional dentures. This dental treatment is perfect for people who think that traditional dentures or bridges are not comfortable. On the other hand, you need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to be a candidate for this procedure.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Now, a dental bridge also is a non-removable prosthesis that is used to replace a missing tooth. The difference between an implant and a bridge is that the latter is supported by natural teeth. In spite of not being as stable as implants, dental bridges are recommended in the case of jaw bone loss or significant damage. The main advantage of this procedure is that more people are candidates to get bridges and it takes less time to be completed than a dental implant.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing

There are certain aspects you need to consider seriously before deciding which dental procedure you'll get. Here are some of the most important factors you should look at when taking this decision.

  • The price - There is a substantial difference between the prices of these procedures, so do your research and find out which one is the most convenient for you.
  • The state of your mouth - As we mentioned above, to get dental implants you need to have healthy gums and bone. Before deciding, let your dentist advise you about the state of your mouth.
  • How long they last - Despite being less expensive, dental bridges can last between 5-7 years. On the other hand, implants can last more than 15 years with the adequate care.
  • Oral care - It's also important that you know that you need special floss and brush when you have bridges. This is because a bridge is attached to the natural tooth in a way that you can't floss between it. Dental implants have a more natural functionality for this.
  • Duration of the treatment - When you're getting dental implants, you'll need to visit several times to your dentist over 3-6 months. With a dental bridge, you should see your dentist only 2-3 times over a few weeks. 

Which One Is the Best for You

Now that you have this information, you should choose the procedure that you think is more convenient for you. If you have any doubt, you can ask your dentist about which treatment fits better with you. Remember that you need to be a candidate for implants, so your dentist can guide you through this process. You deserve to have a smile full of shiny and strong teeth, so don't hesitate and get the smile you deserve.

If you have any question about these or others dental procedures, don't hesitate and give us a call. Our patient coordinators are always willing to solve all your doubts and concerns. Sani Dental Group is the largest dental group in Los Algodones, and one of the largest in Mexico. We have more than 30 dentists to treat all your dental needs. The smile you've always dreamed of is just one call away, so take the decision today.