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Proper Teeth Brushing

Brushing your teeth something so simple, yet so hard. How many of us have struggle with this simple task; I’m sure that many of us have been there. We go to the dentist and he/she ask the question, “Have your brush your teeth daily? Do you floss?” Answer will vary from patient to patient, but one big question many of us ask is: “why is this so important?”

Brushing your teeth is essential for good oral health; in addition brushing correctly will prevent many oral diseases.

  • Gum Disease
  • Bad Breath
  • Tooth Decay

In order to maintain good oral health, proper tooth brushing techniques are required, also daily flossing, a well-balanced diet and continuous dentist visit. Our dentist in Sani Dental Group can give you more tips, call toll free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307

Gum Disease

Gum Disease is when bacteria from plaque and tartar build up. If plaque is not removed while brushing it tends to harden, once it hardens it turn to tartar. The difference between plaque and tartar is that plaque is a biofilm that develops in our teeth and can be “easily” remove. Plaque forms in our teeth when the “sugar bugs”; bacteria in our mouth uses the sugars from foods/beverages to create an acid. This acid attacks and destroys the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay.

artar forms when we do not remove plaque in a timely matter and the accumulation of minerals from saliva occurs. Unlike plaque, tartar cannot with tooth brushing, to remove tartar you will need an ultrasonic tool or a periodontal scalers. The dentists in Sani Dental Group have the knowledge and techniques required to protect your gum.

Factors that cause Gum Disease:

  • Smoking
  • eeth Grinding
  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Hormonal Changes (women)

Bad Breath

The easiest and best way to prevent bad breath is by brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day. It is especially important to brush after every meal and as we brush let’s not forget to brush our tongue. Once we finish brushing is necessary to rinse with water or mouthwash. In addition a regular visit to the dentist (every 6 months) where your dentist can do a complete mouth examination.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a disease that causes damage to the tooth structure; this can be caused generally by an infection or genetics. All of us enjoy good meals, but sometimes bits of food are left on our teeth; our mouth naturally contains bacteria and when the these bits of food meet dental plaque can be form. Dental plaque then produces an acid; over time, this acid eats away at the surface of the tooth, causing cavities.

Do you want to prevent all these problems? Then the best way to avoid it is by improving the way we brush our teeth. To correctly brush your teeth you must keep a few things in mind

  1. Brushing your teeth is not something that should be overlooked.
  2. Good Oral Hygiene depends on us.

Tips to Properly Brushing Your Teeth

While brushing, make sure you brush the appropriate length of time. Many dentist recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2-3 minutes per brush; spending 30 sec per quadrant. While brushing make sure you give to appropriate attention to each tooth; don’t look at your teeth as a whole, but as a unique piece. There is a difference between a molar(s), premolar(s), canine(s) and incisor(s); just like you are different from your parents or siblings. Also don’t forget your tongue, the tongue is the home of millions of bacteria, including those that cause bad breath, plaque, tartar and tooth decay. By brushing your teeth properly, you can help keep your teeth in good health for many years to come. In Sani Dental Group we don’t just fix your teeth, we improve your life. Call toll free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307 and make an appointment.