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The Advantages Of Choosing a High-Tech Dentist in Mexico

            Dentistry; is scary for some, amusing for others, but something that should be considered wonderful by everybody. Taking care of our teeth is vital as they allow us to eat, talk, and smile. Most often than not, visiting a dentist’s office is stigmatized and could be seen by most as a horrific experience.

            It’s not anybody’s fault to think that, though. Getting any dental treatment done is often portrayed as painful, slow, and with a lot of downsides. However, this couldn’t be any further than the truth if said treatment is done right.

            It is important for dental clinics to care about the tools and resources that they have within their reach to attend to all of their patients' and staff members’ needs. If you’re looking to spend your vacation in a tropical paradise, you should look for the best group of dentists in Playa del Carmen.

            The purpose of this blog is to let you know how important it is for dental clinics to bring the best technology to our patients and the most advanced tools for our dentists to work with; covering both our doctors’ and patients’ needs is vital to assure high-quality treatments.

            Dental clinics should always be on the lookout for the best technology out there when it comes to dentistry. Having great tools within one’s reach will help dental clinics bring out all of their potential.

What technology should dental clinics be aware of?

            Due to the ever-changing needs of both patients and dentists, as well as the evolution of dental and oral operation methods, technology in dentistry has to be updated constantly. Also, some methods have to be adapted to the components and specifications of new technologies.

            Some of the technologies that both dentists and dental groups have deemed as crucial for their work are:

Carestream 9600

            A user-friendly extraoral scanner that is easy to work with and requires minimal experience to operate it.

            The wonders and benefits that this machine offers are:

·         Crystal-clear images;

·         Improves the precision of maxillofacial surgeries;

·         Its innovations allow more precise exam results;

·         The lenses positioning process is now assisted by an integrated AI, making it more precise and easier;

·         Both patients and doctors can now feel more comfortable due to the machine’s integrated retractable seat.

Specifications and characteristics

            The CS 9600 oral scanner offers updates that improve upon the specs of their previous versions, such as:

-       This machine has a software assistant that will help the dentist or dental assistant throughout the whole lenses-positioning process;

-       This machine’s settings are adaptable depending on the area that is going to be examined, offering a wide variety of software applications and volume sizes;

-       This machine offers a total amount of 14 different types of fields of view, allowing the exploration of different facial areas.

This machine is an amazing tool for dentists as it makes their job easier and helps them save time by automating certain processes.

What makes this machine a highly demanded piece of technology is how customizable its settings are; it can be adapted to how any dentist works.

Another incredible feature that this machine is known for is how it stores a patient’s medical history and the settings used during that patient’s session with the dentist. It can store everything from complex parameters to how a patient prefers the seat to be set for them.

In addition to all of these specs, the Carestream 9600 machine offers a way to back a patient’s dental impressions and information up and retrieve them in case of an error coming up in the middle of a dental session.

            If you’d like to know more about the Carestream 9600, you can learn about our clinic's technology.


Surgical Guides

            Surgical guides are an amazing tool for dental implant procedures; they help a dentist speed up the operation and save time by eliminating the localization process. These guides are made using CAD/CAM.

            CAD/CAM stands for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing; this process requires, as its name states, the intervention of 3D capturing and modeling software to create an exact reproduction of the patient’s mouth.

            Most of the time, just a small portion of the patient’s mouth is reproduced, as the surgical guide might only be used for the localization of teeth that need to be replaced or sockets in which the implant will be installed.

            Each surgical guide is manufactured with a 3D printer, using high-quality materials. For this, most dentists or dental assistants prefer to use the 3D DIO PROBO Printer.

3D DIO PROBO Printer

         Considered by many to be among the best 3D printers in the market for manufacturing dental products and tools, the 3D DIO PROBO Printer is a great piece of technology for the manufacturing of dentures, surgical guides, and die-cast models of a patient’s denture.

            This machine uses its own exclusive, patented material to make sure that every single product manufactured by it achieves a high level of quality. These materials are adapted to work with the printer’s digital workflow.

            With this machine’s optimized software, an efficient automatized manufacturing process is now possible; using this machine’s materials will make every single product solid and resistant.

            Due to its high-quality resolution and accuracy, this machine can print dentures, surgical guides, and other things with an incredible amount of detail.

            Some of the things that this machine can print are:

-       A full reproduction of a patient’s denture;

-       A temporary crown:

-       A surgical guide: Casting patterns;

-       Dentures.

Also, the company that produces this printer offers great customer support and service.

      These gadgets and devices are part of just a small list of all the great tools out there available for dentists and dental clinics. However, this list should not be taken as the absolute truth, but a recommendation or a guide to any dentist who is looking to improve both their workspace and workflow.

      If you’re looking to experience a high-quality procedure with these machines first-hand, you can schedule a free initial consultation with the best dentist in Algodones, or if you want to get your dental treatment in Cancun, you can book an appointment with the best dentists in Playa del Carmen.


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