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Sani Dental Group Playa Del Carmen: Patients’ Experience

Here at Sani Dental Group, we want you to achieve the smile you deserve and to help you improve your quality of life by providing you with the best dental work.

Many people search for a place where they can get high-quality dental attention at an affordable price but, at the same time, want to take the chance of visiting another country to enjoy a fun, relaxing vacation.

It is no secret that Mexico is one of the most popular destinations around the world for dental tourism, and throughout the year, cities like Playa Del Carmen welcome visitors from all over the world looking for dental care.

The following are some of our patients’ experiences at our Playa Del Carmen location, where they share how Sani Dental Group helped them smile again!

Chris Chartrand 
Alberta, Canada

“Have never dealt with a dentist or staff at a dentist’s office that were this welcoming and professional, Love the result. The result is amazing”.

After searching for playa dental online and reading our reviews, our patient Chris decided to visit us from Canada to get a full mouth restoration. Chris shared that he used to ground his teeth a lot when he was younger, causing his bite to be too close and giving him a lot of jaw pain.

He also explained to us that he had lost some of his teeth as a result of an accident he had with a baseball 20 years ago.

During his visit, he also shared that going to a dentist’s office was never enjoyable and that this was the very first time he had such a wonderful experience.

Price-wise, he shared that he paid about 30% of what it would’ve cost him back home.

To restore his smile, Chris got 28 dental crowns and was extremely happy with the final results!

George Williamson
Texas, USA

“You couldn’t ask for a better dental experience!”

A couple of years ago, George accompanied his wife to our Los Algodones location to get dental treatment for some dental issues she had been dealing with since childhood; he shared that after years of seeing the wonderful results on his wife, and finding out Sani Dental has a clinic in Playa Del Carmen, he decided to give it a shot and get a smile makeover Playa del Carmen.

Even though he expressed how he gets a bit nervous when going to the dentist, he admitted it all turned out fantastic and felt extremely well taken care of.

George got dental crowns in Mexico, he also had to get some teeth extracted and got dental implants. He’ll be back in six months to finish his treatment!

Pam Young

“Everything looks super smooth and everyone was polite. Everyone’s super nice here… Love it! I will be smiling a lot!”

Pam and her husband started doing extensive research in the United States in order for her to get dental treatment, soon they noticed it was incredibly expensive to get treated there, so they started looking at other options.

During their search for dental work in Mexico, they stumbled upon Sani Dental and after reading our reviews, which were very important to them, they decided to come to Playa Del Carmen.

Our patient had one extraction, a bone graft and sinus lift and four implants placed, and will be back after six months to finish her mouth restoration with the assistance of some of the best Mexican implant dentists.

In her experience, Pam and her husband were extremely satisfied with the level of attention they received, from the moment they made the appointment, to the moment they arrived at our facilities to start her treatment.

They shared that Sani Dental Group has been the best dental office they’ve visited and they had a great dental experience while also getting to have a vacation in Playa Del Carmen. 

Devante Dodgens

“I would have never been able to afford this level of care or this treatment had I not come to Sani”.

Devante visited our Playa Del Carmen location to continue with his dental treatment after initiating it in our Los Algodones clinic.

Our patient shared that he’s had problems with his teeth all of his life and that unfortunately, he lost a good majority of the back of his teeth.

When looking for a solution for his dental issues he ended up getting quoted about $50,000 dollars by his dentist back home, and got suggested to give dental tourism a try.

After getting in touch with us he first visited us in Los Algodones and loved the care he got so much that he decided to continue with the second stage of his treatment in beautiful Playa Del Carmen.

During his visit, Devante had a root canal, a teeth cleaning, and got dental implants; he commented how he was very impressed with every step of his journey.

Devante shared that as a college student and as a person who works in nonprofits, he never thought that he was ever going to be able to afford this quality of dental work.

He admitted that he was 100% happy with the results, he did not have any pain and was able to save up some money thanks to how affordable dental costs in Mexico are!

Sani Dental Group Playa Del Carmen

If you’re looking for a dentist Playa Del Carmen or playa family dentistry look no further! Here at Sani Dental Group Playa Del Carmen, you can get some of the best dental work in Mexico; you’ll be in hands of a highly qualified team of dental professionals.

The best part of getting your dental treatment in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico is that you will also be able to enjoy a fun vacation.

Check out the deals we offer to make your visit the best experience and visit our appointment page to get your free quote.

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