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Reinvent Your Smile: What Are Teeth In A Day?

Dentures (both fixed and partial dentures) are amongst the most known methods to help fix a smile. They’re a resource that eliminates the need to get an implant for each tooth that you have lost, thus making the whole reparation and replacement process easier and more affordable.

Dentures might seem like a weird concept at first; how can a full denture look real? How can a denture replace damaged teeth? How do fixed dentures work? How are they different from traditional dentures? The objective of this post is to inform patients about the different options available to them.

With the information that is going to be talked about in this blog, patients will make wiser decisions and ask about different options that could fit their needs and situation the most.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a replacement for both missing teeth and any tissue surrounding them. They’re done following certain specifications, and each denture is different so it suits a patient’s particular needs.

There are different types of dentures, but the most common ones are complete and partial dentures. A complete denture is used when a patient’s whole set of teeth needs to be replaced, and partial dentures are used when there are a few natural teeth left.

Any of these types of dentures can be fixed into a patient’s mouth or can be removable. In this article, we’ll focus mainly on fixed dentures.

Fixed dentures – what are they?

Fixed dentures are a type of denture that is set onto a patient’s jaw using strategically-placed dental implants to hold it in place. With the use of these implants, these dentures are more stable than removable ones and improve a patient’s abilities to talk, chew, and smile.

Some of the benefits that these dentures offer are:

·The risk of having them fall out or changing positions is eliminated;

·They can be made out of different resistant materials;

·Each denture is made to fit a patient’s mouth and meet a patient’s requirements.

Both partial and full versions of these dentures can be made.

What to expect out of this procedure:

As was stated before, a denture is made following certain steps and specifications; there’s not a specific standard denture model that can fit all patients. To make sure that the set of dentures that you’re going to get works right for you, your dentist will make an examination.

In this examination, your dentist will evaluate your overall oral health; check if any of your teeth are decaying, if you show any signs of infection, or if there are any signs of previous dental work that could tamper with the procedure. If necessary, your dentist will extract any teeth that need to be removed.

Following the examination, your dentist will make impressions, take measurements, and take a mold of your teeth that will be used to make the dentures to your specifications and mouth dimensions.


Once the dentures are done, your dentist will bring you to an appointment in which you’ll try out your new denture; if you feel any discomfort, pain, or find any issues with your dentures, your dentist will make the necessary adjustments and alterations to them.

After the procedure, daily activities such as talking, and eating can become quite odd, but you will get used to how your new denture feels eventually.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable while you get used to your new set of dentures, but if you’re experiencing high levels of pain, discomfort, or notice any abnormalities that could be related to the procedure, get in contact with your dentist. He/she will let you know what to do to prevent it from getting complicated any further.

Your dentist might provide you with a set of guidelines to follow to make sure that no problems come up or take place during your healing process. It’s important to follow these steps to assure an effective and optimal recovery.

A fixed implant denture provides both patients and dentists with a wide array of advantages over traditional dentures. This particular set of dentures is capable of enabling dentists to do the new “teeth in a day” treatment.

What are teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day is a new treatment that relies on the use of the All-On-4 technology. The All-on-4 procedure uses 4 strategically-installed implants in a patient’s mouth to help restore and create a new smile for them.

That new set of teeth is created using CAD/CAM technology; impressions of a patient’s mouth are taken and, using specialized software, a certain style, and type of denture is recreated, fitting the patient’s facial features and, sometimes, complementing them.


With this type of denture, your new teeth will look, feel, and act like natural teeth. These dentures can be attached within a day’s work or by paying a single visit to your dentist’s office.

With these dentures, patients won’t have to worry about what types of food they can eat, as the materials that both implants and crowns are made out of are resistant and less prone to breaking or fracturing.

This treatment is perfect for all those patients who have lost a significant amount of teeth or if most of their teeth need to be extracted due to infection, decay, or other issues and complications. Take a look at this info to learn more about tooth extractions and a few of the reasons that could make them necessary. 

Just like in most of these procedures, your dentist will ask you about your expectations after the surgery. This is important as it allows your dentist to create and follow a personalized plan to create the perfect denture for you.

Where can I get teeth in a day?

Sani Dental Group offers the best All-on-4 and teeth a day procedures in our 3 clinics in both of our locations in Los Algodones and Playa Del Carmen. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us, request a date and time or call (928) 257-1307.

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