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No insurance? How to Save on Dental Work

Tooth pain or other dental issues should be treated quickly.

Many people, fearing the high costs of the procedures, are reluctant to even pay for a consultation to find out what they have, because of the cost of x-rays and the necessary studies.

Throughout the pandemic and still, there was a decrease in demand for dental services, can you guess the main reason? the high costs. But dental problems are not going away. Instead, the little issues can develop and become really serious health problems.

If you need a visit to the dentist or have been putting it off, and don’t count on insurance to cover the costs. Rest assured, obtaining reliable dental care at an accessible price is possible.

What You Can Do To Save On Dental Work If You Do Not Have Insurance

The majority of individuals who struggle the most with dental problems in the United States are seniors. But this problem is not unique to adults. In recent years, the number of children and young adults suffering from tooth decay and poor oral health has not decreased.

While for those with insurance it can be a relief for your pockets, even with insurance, the cost of dental services can end up being a very high expense.

In the United States, the first consultation can cost up to $200, including the cost of studies and x-rays this amount can be higher. Now, when the patient needs restorative work, such as extensive treatments, the cost can be almost impossible to afford. Compare the prices of dental services in Mexico with those in the United States.

First, you should make sure whether or not you have any dental benefits. If you are on Medicaid or some other government health insurance program, you may qualify for insurance that can cover dental treatment. This is viable for routine treatment.

 If this is not the case, once you are sure that you do not have dental benefits or that the insurance you have only covered a small portion of your treatment, it is time to look for other options. 

Find Local Dental Schools

When you visit a dental school, you are likely to receive quality treatment, as the treatment will be carried out in the best way by a student who is supervised waiting to graduate.

On the other hand, it is almost certain that your appointment and treatment will take longer than usual, either because there are people on waiting lists or because of the supervision of the work you are about to receive.

Look for a dental practice that offers an in-house insurance program

It can be a difficult task, as few offer these types of benefits, but there are established dental practices that offer in-house insurance programs for their patients.

Some of the benefits these programs may include are coverage for preventive care, a discount on some procedures, or a financing plan. If you have been seeing a trusted dentist for some time and are having difficulty affording the treatment you need, let the dentist know.

Travel to another location to receive dental work

It is not something new, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of receiving dental treatment outside their country.

It is more affordable, of equal or higher quality, and of course, an opportunity to leave your home and get to know a new destination.

Compare the prices of dental services in Mexico with those in the United States.

Although the main reason why Mexico has become one of the best destinations to receive treatment is because of the low prices, other factors encourage people to make this decision.

1.    Well-trained specialists who are committed to continuing their training to better care for patients.

2.    State-of-the-art facilities, with all the latest technology, equipment, the necessary measures, and credentials to receive patients.

3.    Doctors who offer easy payment, as well as work with international insurance companies to reimburse a portion of your money.

4.    Beautiful Destinations, Mexico has amazing places to visit, and if you are already going to receive dental treatment, why not take advantage of the trip?

Where to get Dental Care in Mexico

dental-work-in-mexicoAs medical and dental tourism grows, more and more locations are standing out for their treatment and offer to tourists. However, the two most popular destinations among medical tourists are

  • Molar City In Mexico

Los Algodones Mexico is the top destination in the country for dental procedures. In past years it has been referred to as the dental capital of the world.

 The small town just a few miles from Yuma, Arizona is completely dedicated to dental tourism. From the moment you cross the Mexican border, you will notice dental offices on every street in town.

For visitors, primarily Americans and Canadians, it is very convenient to travel to Mexico to get quality dental care in Los Algodones because it is located right next to the border. Tourists have the option of crossing the border by car or walking.

  • Playa Del Carmen

Access to the beach, turquoise waters, and beautiful scenery is what you can find in Playa del Carmen. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the country and preferred by international tourists.

This location makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. For this reason and the fact that you can get there directly from the airport makes it popular among dental tourists.

Its facilities are characterized by being modern, attractive, and with a warm and friendly team of doctors and staff.

Being modernize clinics, they are equipped with the latest equipment to provide innovative dental solutions.

Dental Work In Mexico During Covid sani-dental-reviews

Because some dental issues can not be postponed, at Sani Dental Group we work to create a safe space, implementing safety protocols, and making changes in our day-to-day operations to continue to meet your dental needs. Always putting their safety and the safety of our staff as a priority. 

The Sanitize program encompasses all the protocols currently in place in our clinics, such as temperature readings, the use of personal protective equipment, and reduced waiting time in common areas to avoid contact with other people, to name just a few. 

The implementation of these protocols, together with the sanitation protocols that have always been carried out, has earned us several awards, including the Health & Wellness Tourism Award from the Government of Baja California. 

Dental work in Mexico Reviews

Clinics that share the testimonials of actual patients provide more confidence. At Sani Dental Group, we invite our patients to share their own experiences in video or written reviews. This to know their feedback, keep improving, and working to meet their expectations. 

We invite you to take a few minutes to read what our patients wanted to share about their experience with us. 

If you need more information about a specific treatment, about our clinics, or any other matter, please contact us. We have a whole team of bilingual staff ready to help you