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Sani Dental Group Dental Laboratories

Visiting the dentist can be a scary experience, especially when you see the equipment they use to clean, protect or restore our smile. It is very important that for the dental clinic you visit to have the best and most professional dental equipment and services. There are many dental clinics throughout the world; however the capital of dental tourism is a small town in Baja California, Mexico; the town: the city of Los Algodones.

The city, even though it is small in size, is so important and significant that organizations such as the NPR, have made articles about the city of Los Algodones and its impact on Dental Tourism.

However, in order to become the capital of Dental Tourism, the dental clinics the city offers must-have dental laboratories that offer full, specialized, professional dental services.

Sani Dental Group

As we mentioned before,  the city of Los Algodones has become the capital of dental tourism thanks to the many patients who seek affordable dental treatments outside of their local healthcare systems and at the same time accompany their treatment with a vacation. This practice is a worldwide growing phenomenon and every year thousands of patients from all over the world visit Los Algodones seeking affordable dental treatments and a place to rest.

In the case of Sani Dental Group, our dental clinic offers tourists a great place to enjoy their vacation and get affordable treatments with significant savings to compare to their local healthcare systems. In addition, among the services Sani offers you, one of their most significant services is their exclusive dental clinic.

Our Dental Laboratory

Sani Dental Group offers cutting edge technology to get the best results for your dental treatment. From the beginning of your visit, you will be able to experience our dentists' skills and capabilities. During diagnosis, you will be able to see every detail thanks to our intra-oral camera.

Los Algodones has many clinics, but unlike other clinics, Sani Dental Group uses CAD-CAM Technology, an innovative equipment that provides patients faster and more accurate results.


In our dental lab, you will find a wide variety of dental tools and equipment that enable us to offer our patients an outstanding dental experience.
For example, we have the KaVo Everest CAD/CAM, CT-Scan, panoramic x-rays, digital periapical x-rays and Laser equipment.

This equipment on-site, together with our certified technicians and dentists, help Sani Dental Group do more accurate diagnoses, faster productions of crowns or dentures (with an outstanding holistic design), and our different laser treatments can treat different periodontal diseases, stimulate tissue regeneration or do cleaning and whitening procedures.

In conclusion, unlike the other dental clinics Los Algodones, Sani Dental Group has one of the most modern and advanced dental laboratories that the city has to offer.

Dental Treatments

These are some of the dental treatments our Dental Laboratories treat:

We invite all of our readers and past patients to come to the city of Los Algodones and have a first-hand experience of the modern and advanced dental equipment our laboratories have. Find the dental lab that offers friendly professional staff, who have both the knowledge and the desire to help you restore your smile and self-esteem. Contact our patient-care personnel and visit Sani Dental Group.