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A Full Mouth Reconstruction truly Life-changing: Smiles for Warriors

Everyone deserves dental quality care to ensure their oral health, and for many, it is a necessity.

Many people travel to receive dental treatments every day. Due to the wide variety of high-quality dental procedures for an accessible price, Mexico is one of the top destinations for those who need a dental procedure that can change their lives, as was the case of Colton Ficek.

At the age of 14, Colton was diagnosed with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), a severe skin reaction and potentially life-threatening disorder. Fever, skin blisters, burning, and skin peeling are only a few of the symptoms caused by TENS disease.

The initial skin symptom is the development of reddening of the skin that rapidly spread within a few hours or days. Then, blisters start appearing leading to the detachment of the skin, leaving erosions and causing pain. In Colton’s case, this happened over three days, his mother recalled.

Having survived the disease did not end Colton’s pain and discomfort. Due to the blisters and scars in his mouth, his saliva glands completely shut down. Salivary glands produced saliva, which keeps our mouth moist and clean.

As his salivary glands shut down, he lost almost every tooth, making it necessary to extract the remaining teeth and get dentures, the traditional method of restoring teeth for those who have lost them.

Although not the ideal solution for patients as young as Colton, considering that dentures can come loose with simple actions as laughing or even talking.  

Colton’s family felt the need to find an alternative treatment to rehabilitate his smile, which was dental implants. affordable-dental-implants

Implants are metal posts that are positioned into the jawbone, as they fuse to the jawbone, they provide more stable support for the artificial teeth.

A long-term solution, the help preservation of the jawbone, and comfort are among the advantages that implants provide to patients.

Unfortunately, dental implants are more expensive than other procedures.

The medical insurance company denied covering Colton’s dental treatment by saying that his loss of teeth was a secondary cause of the disease. The dental insurance company only covers $1500 annually, which was hardly enough to cover the extractions.

Determined to seek for a solution to reach the money, his mom and brother created the Go Fund Me account and shared it on social media, soon it was generating many reactions and was trending on Go Fund Me.

Sani Dental Group and Dental Departures came together to help recover Colton’s functional smile.

Los Algodones, Mexico is also known as the Molar City is located just miles away from the Mexican border. The city has grown a lot in the lasts years, thanks to its variety of clinics and amazing offer in dental care.

Dental implants are one of the reasons this city has become such a popular destination for Dental Tourism.

Many people who are in serious need to recover the functionality of their mouth and teeth often postpone going to the dentist due to the ridiculous amount of money they’ll need to spend.

Whether looking for a simple to a more complex procedure, Los Algodones dentists' prices are more accessible.

Established in 1985, Sani Dental Group has grown to become the largest dental group in Los Algodones, with 38 chairs and two clinics in town.

Dentist-in-Los-AlgodonesAs the largest dental group, there are two dental clinics in this little town: Sani Dental Group Alamo and Sani Dental Group Platinum.

Both of the clinics count on high-quality equipment and tools for the doctors to perform the treatment that suits the patient better, making them feel comfortable in every step of the procedure.

The Alamo clinic located at Mediplaza, where there is also a complete pharmacy, a hotel, a restaurant, optical, among other medical services.

MediPlaza is the place to visit to receive a complete medical experience during the patients' visit.

Sani Dental Group works with different brands of implants, by contacting Straumann, the Global leader in implantology Colton was able to receive a full mouth reconstruction.

The specialized Doctors at the clinic recommended the All on 4 procedure due to Colton's specific condition. This treatment involves 4 implants being placed on the jaw to rehabilitate the patient smile and teeth, by using only four posts to anchor fixed dentures.

With the Straumann dental implants offering a state-of-the-art, reliable solution and the detailed work of the doctors, Colton’s smile was successfully recovered.

“You would think that by coming to Mexico that they’re not going to follow the procedure as same as we do in the US... It’s even better” expressed Colton’s mom, Shelly Conro.

Thanks to the proximity of the clinic to the pharmacy, the doctors were able to ensure Colton received the appropriate medications.

The numerous Doctors and the variety of specialties including oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, periodontics, and endodontics, enable the patients to be treated by more than one qualified specialist, as Colton was.

The personalized treatment by the doctors and staff makes the whole family very happy. Sani Dental Group and Dental Departures working together make it possible to treat Colton’s dental needs and give his smile back.

We feel very fortunate to have been part together with Dental Departures and Straumman, of Colton's new smile. Seeing our patients happy with the results and comfortable with their smiles is the most rewarding part for us.