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All on 4 dental implants in Mexico-Most Common asked Questions.

The all on 4 technique has become popular in the last few years. This full mouth restoration procedure is also known as "teeth in a day". This is one of the reasons why it brings the attention of many people.

It works just like a traditional implant. However, instead of fixing every single tooth, the all on 4 utilizes only four implants prosthesis to replace teeth.

Being such a requested procedure, we believe it’s important to take the time to respond to some of the most commonly asked questions. While it is true it provides an immediate solution, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Besides, it’s always better knowing all the benefits and details of dental treatment you are interested in.

What is the process of dental implants in Mexico?

What many people don't know is that the quality and personalized care they’ll be receiving in Mexico is equal or even better than in other countries. Dental Implants in Mexico is not an exception.

In the case of complex procedures, like a full-mouth restoration with implants and systems such as the All-On-4, there is a need for 2 separate visits. The first visit requires 4 daily appointments. 

The very first step is a consultation with the dentist to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure. For this, getting panoramic x-rays and a CT-scan is necessary.

After the dentist has determined that you are a candidate, he or she will explain as fully as possible the procedure.

The doctor will place the 4 implants in the upper and lower jaw. Impressions of the plate must be taken to continue with the procedure.

During the second appointment (usually, it’s the second day), the dentist will check the height of the top and bottom jaw to get the measurement of the plates. After 4 hours, the same test will be done with the mold but now with acrylic teeth adapted to it. This is done to see if the height, color, and size are all correct.

On the 3rd day, you’ll undergo a checkup. On the next and 4th day the lab works on adjustments and placing of the temporary plate.

After the period of six months, the patient needs to come back to change the plate and to place the fixed hybrid denture. This second visit usually requires 5 daily appointments.

On this 1st day, the height of the upper and lower jaw are measured to see if there were any changes due to the integration of the bone with the implants.

The fixed hybrid denture has a flat, metal, horseshoe-shaped bar with 4 holes adapted to it.

On the 2nd-3rd day, the metallic bar gets placed over each implant, the 4 implants go into the 4 holes on the bar. They test it so it sits exactly in place, making it have no movement. The tested metal bar is sent to the lab and the plates are made in one day.

On the last day, the fixed hybrid denture is placed.

Do All on 4 implants take a long time to heal?

One of the advantages of the All on 4 system, as opposed to traditional procedures like dentures, is that the healing time is quicker.

Still, after the surgery, some swelling and bleeding are normal. It is recommended to stop the exercise and big efforts during the first few days.

After a week, discomfort and swelling generally ease. Then, patients can expect progressive recovering and accustomed little by little.

How Much Do All on 4 Implants in Mexico Cost?

Because of how complex and the time it involves, this procedure in most countries can be very expensive. Usually, it starts at $24,000 and can go up to $35,000 usd per arch, giving a total of almost $60,000. This not even including the cost for the initial consultation and other additional procedures.

An additional procedure that a full-mouth restoration may involve are extractions, simple or surgical, and they can cost up to $500.

This is why it is not a surprise many are looking for an alternative to take care of their dental needs.

What to eat after the implant surgery?

It is very important to follow all indications regarding the diet you must follow after the procedure, as it has a direct connection to the success of the treatment.

The ADA recommends following a liquid or soft foods diet for a few days after receiving dental work.

Try to select nutrient-rich food needed for healing effectively.

To mention a few:

  • Soup with soft vegetables or pureed/cream soups
  • Oatmeal
  • Scrambled /soft eggs
  • Ripe fruits
  • Cooked veggies
  • Quinoa, soft-cooked rice
  • Smoothies
  • Soft bread
  • Avocadoes


Are patients happy with implants in Mexico?

Did you know dental implants in Algodones Mexico are one of the reasons the city of Los Algodones is considered by many as the dental capital of the world?

Being one of the most expensive procedures, it has become popular among tourists to travel to get this treatment. In clinics with skilled doctors, as in the case of Sani Dental Group, patients can expect to receive quality treatment and still save a lot of money.

We know that the best reference you can get comes from former patients. We invite you to take a moment to read some reviews from patients who came all the way to receive all 4 dental implants in Mexico and other types of restorative procedures.