COVID-19 Update

We're still open, we take patient and staff safety seriously. We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19, as well as, updates related to the U.S./Mexico International border.

Based on information from the border control authorities, Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel, fulfilling the conditions to cross the border during its partial closure.

We stand ready to assist our patients and employees.

Trustful Advice for Your Arrival

Traveling far away from home to get dental treatments can be a little overwhelming, but since you’re a Sani Dental Group patient, you won’t have to worry about anything once you arrive. Whether you arrive at the airport or at the border, every one of our patients has access to our shuttle service with no additional cost. You just have to request it with one of our patient coordinators or calling at our clinic’s front desk.

Los Algodones is known as the Capital of Dental Tourism. This town has more dentists per capita than any other place, which means that there’s a lot of competition. So don’t be surprised if once you arrive there’s people trying to convince you not to attend your appointment. This is very common in high season, and we don’t want our patients to be affected by this.

Pickers as these people are called, have only one main task: to divert patients to other clinics by promising things they can’t keep. At first sight, what they offer might seem not bad at all, but truth is that the only people benefited by this practice are pickers and the clinics that pay them to do this “job”.  They will tell you anything just to convince you to miss your appointment, and sadly, they don’t know much about dentistry, so any question you ask them about treatments, prices or warranties can be made up at the moment.

Los Algodones has more than 300 clinics in town, and we understand that it may be hard to choose where to go.  After some research, you have chosen Sani Dental Group because of our patients’ reviews, our accessible prices, certifications, and prepared dentists. Our clinics are certified by de ADA (American Dental Association) and we have more than 30 years of experience.

At any of our three clinics, Sani Dental Group offers a free diagnoses with every first appointment. Plus, you can speak with an actual dentist or specialist, whom will explain to you exactly what kind of treatment you need, and solve any doubts you might have. We fully trust in our dentists, that’s why we offer between 2 and 5 years of warranty in all of the treatments performed at our clinics.

We want to recommend you to stay true to your first appointment. If you’re not convinced by all the services we offer at Sani Dental Group, make another decision by doing more research about other stablished clinics in town. Avoid listening to pickers, they don’t really know what you need.

Remember that Sani Dental Group not only offers you a wide variety of dental services, we also offer shuttle services, lodging promotions, warranty, specialized doctors, and more. We care about you, and that’s why we want to give you the best dental experience you can have. Call us if you have any concerns or doubts, our patient coordinators will gladly assist you. 

Disclaimer: Open dentist to help you with your dental needs. We are taking additional special measures following CDC recommendations to ensure your health and safety.