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A New Step for Sani Dental Group

For more than 30 years, Sani Dental Group has been working everyday to give their patients the dental services they deserve. Now, with two clinics in town and with 28 chairs available, we´re the largest dental clinic in the area.

Thanks to Sani Dental Group’s decades of expertise, specialized staff and certified doctors around 9,000 patients recovered their smile the past year, and we could not be happier to see that we´re helping people have the smile they have always wanted.

Sani Dental Group Accreditations

We´re a proud member of different associations and we can´t get enough of them! Being accredited and awarded by different institutions helps us build trust among our patients, and it motivate us to keep working to be better everyday. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for our clinic to get recognized worldwide.
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GCR - Global Clinic Raiting

The Global Clinic Raiting is the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide. This year, the GCR analyzed dental clinics throughout Mexico during 2018, including facilities in Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Mexicali, Mexico City and others.
After this study, the feedback given by GCR shows the score for each of the clinics which includes patient rating scores from Google & Facebook and other independent rating providers. Plus, it also shows how a total of 57 dental clinics were ranked according to their GCR Score, against other clinics in the same country on the level of apparent expertise, services, facilities and patient feedback.
Thanks to the analysis made, the GCR concluded that Sani Dental Group is the number one dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico when it comes to overall international clinic reputation in 2018.

Accredited by the GCR

Being the Number One clinic in Los Algodones is a big achievement, but we didn´t want to stop there. After a meticulous process, Sani Dental Group earned the Global Clinic Rating certification due to its outstanding score in four important pillars: facilities, standards, expertise and patient feedback.

Our doctors, staff and team of patient coordinators give their best everyday to help patients achieve their dream smile, and withour their effort we would not be here today! Sani Dental Group is a reliable clinic located in Los Algodones, Mexico, just a few miles from the border with the U.S.A., and by getting treated in our facilities patients have proven to save up to 70% in dental work. 

Check our treatments, we have what you´re looking for and your smile will be in hands of experts, who until the day follow continuous education programs. We know that choosing a clinic and trusting someone with your smile is a big deal, that´s why we want to invite you to check what past patients have said about us.

If you´re now ready to schedule your appointment or have doubts or questions about our additional services, give us a callour team of patient coordinators is ready to assist you!