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5 Fun Activities to do in Los Algodones in 2023

If you’ve decided to plan a visit to Molar City, you’re most likely looking to improve your mouth health. Besides going home with a new smile you will return home with new experiences to tell your friends and family about.  

Los Algodones is a small town, and you might be wondering what else is there that you can do during your dental vacation. Don´t worry, in the following article, we’ll tell you why Los Algodones Mexico is the ultimate destination for dental.

1. Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food.

Mexico is well-known for its creative and colorful cuisine, which includes delicious tacos, guacamole, and spicy salsa. At Mi Casa es Su Casa Restaurant you can find delicious authentic Mexican food in a family-friendly environment to enjoy a great time with your loved ones and friends.

Here, the guest of honor will always be you. 

2. Visit Mediplaza.


Mediplaza Los Algodones is the only medical and shopping center in town.

They strive for excellence in their services, restaurants, hotel, and store offers. Conscious of how important it is for visitors' convenience and quality, being the reason why everything is put within their reach. 

If you're traveling to Mexico and plan to stay in town for a couple of days, during your free time you can rest and relax your body at YOI Wellness by Sani Medical, where you can choose from their variety of self-care treatments, such as a relaxing Hydrafacial or if you're in town for dental surgery you can recover faster after it with their PreOp-IV Therapy.

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Take advantage of their treatments and nourish your body in a way that food and supplements can’t. 

Relax, heal, dine, shop, and lodge at Mediplaza, the only place in Los Algodones that has it all! 

3. Take a Walk Around the Town

Downtown Los Algodones is the perfect place to find curios that we’re sure you’d like to take home to give as presents for your family and friends. The word curios stand for curiosities and are how locals call Mexican souvenirs.

Through halls and different stores, you can find a wide variety of them, including t-shirts, caps, ponchos, keychains, and the typical sombreros that you must get when visiting Mexico.

The souvenir shops are located right in Los Algodones Downtown and the streets are filled with them. As you walk by, the vendors will offer you amazing deals on the different products they offer.

Also, while you walk around the city you’ll notice there are plenty of other shops and stores, you can also seize your time to visit a drugstore and get some of the items you need at incredible prices.

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4. Rest before and after your treatment


As we know you will like to spend more than one day in this beautiful town, we invite you to stay in the beautiful Cielito Lindo Hotel.

Located conveniently two blocks from the border and being at the center of MediPlaza, Cielito Lindo offers you excellent service as well as five-star accommodation, affordable prices, and a traditional and luxury style in any of the 29 rooms available.

Sani Dental Group is committed to delivering the best medical tourism experience, which is why we’ve partnered with this hotel to provide exceptional prices and promotions for our patients.

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5. Enhance your smile

Los Algodones is worldwide known as Molar City for its high amount of dental clinics in town. More than 350 local dentists offer their great quality services at considerably low prices.

Sani Dental Group is definitely your best choice to undergo dental procedures, with more than 30 years of experience in dentistry and patient experience, and 35 dentists in two clinics ready to cover all common dental needs once you step inside the clinics you’ll know it’s the best place for you. 


Sani Dental Group offers more than 55 treatments that range from cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, and whitening to crowns and dental implants.

When getting treatment at any of our clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico you can also enjoy many more advantages in addition to receiving top-quality dental work, such as our free shuttle service; we can pick you up from the Yuma Airport or Los Algodones border right after you cross and take you to our clinic or your hotel.

All of these benefits have helped make Sani Dental Group the leader in the market with more than 9,000 patients each year.

Now that you know more about what you can experience while undergoing dental treatment, you can also check our price list and compare prices with those in the United States to see how much you can save. 

When you´re ready give us a call at (928) 257-1307 or contact us through WhatsApp at +52 (984) 143-9777. One of our patient coordinators will help you plan your next vacation!