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2018's Best Events in Los Algodones

Los Algodones is a small town that has been growing day by day without losing its authentic charm. Its popularity would not be possible without the thousands of visitors that come to Los Algodones every year. As a way of saying “Thank you”, Los Algodones offers great events to its visitors, and if you’ve been at Los Algodones sometime, you should know how fun and amazing these events are. We invite you to check them out before the year it’s over!

Snowbirds Welcome Party Event

Los Algodones locals appreciates the arrival of the snowbirds as no other town or city in the country. Every December, the town organizes a "welcome party" to receive the beloved winter visitors. This celebration and the way the town treats the visitors give a warm and comfortable feeling to snowbirds. Los Algodones is one of the capitals of Dental Tourism in the world, but it wouldn't be if possible without the snowbirds arrival every year. So if you're planning on starting an adventure, now you know that Los Algodones will receive you with open arms not only during high-season, but through all the year.

Locals could not be happier to know that people take advantage of what Los Algodones has to offer to them; having people from all over the United States and Canada make this town’s charm even greater, that’s why the town and people who live in it thank them with a party they really deserve. Snowbirds will have the chance to enjoy live music, a wide variety of Mexican dishes, live performances, everything from aerial dancers, comedic shows, cabaret dancers, and much, much more.

This welcome party takes place during the first or second week of December, it’s totally free and it lasts all day long. Once the party begins, you will not want it to end.

MediPlaza Los Algodones’ Anniversary

If you’ve traveled to Los Algodones before, probably by now you already visited MediPlaza. Thanks to the popularity that Molar City has won over the last years, MediPlaza’s opening was possible, and its wide offer in medical treatments will surely be known for many more people looking to recover their healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve never been to MediPlaza Los Algodones, let us tell you what you’ve been missing so far. MediPlaza is a new medical tourism concept in Los Algodones; its name says it all: a medical plaza with everything that a medical tourist may need during their trip. Such as medical treatments, lodging, restaurants, and shopping stores.

MediPlaza’s Second Anniversary party is coming on January 2019, and we assure you that is going to be a big fiesta, you would not want to miss it! Since MediPlaza was open, Los Algodones’ events have had a very fun and different twist.  

MediPlaza expands Los Algodones’ medical offer by including facilities such as Baja Surgery Center which is an ambulatory surgery center, stem cell therapy performed by GIOSTAR Mexico, Baja Imaging X-ray laboratory, One Stop Pharmacy, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Mexican dishes at Mi Casa Es Su Casa Restaurant, a hot cup of coffee at My Daily Treat Café, or if you’re in a hurry just grab some healthy snack at Quick Bites Deli.

Molar City’s Location

Los Algodones a.k.a Molar City, is located just 7 miles away from Yuma, Arizona. Also, the border line is practically around the corner, so if you need something from the US, you can just walk and get it. Because of its proximity to the US, almost everybody speaks English and local currency is US dollars. Los Algodones has all the charm of a little Mexican town with everything you need from the US.

There are around 300 dental clinics in Molar City, and many of them offer the same high-quality treatments as the ones in the United States and Canada, but the prices are way more affordable.

Sani Dental Group is the largest clinic in Los Algodones, in fact this year was named the Number One Clinic by the GCR – Global Clinic Raiting.  We have more than 30 doctors and specialists waiting to help you recover your smile, plus we offer a convenient location right in the heart of town and next to MediPlaza Los Algodones.

With two open clinics in town, we have more than 30 years in patient experience, we known exactly what our beloved snowbirds and visitors need, that’s why we recommend to everybody the two hotels available at Los Algodones. The closest to your clinic, the better. Hacienda Los Algodones and Cielito Lindo have amazing promotions for Sani Dental Group patients, plus their amazing Mexican decorations, pool and jacuzzis will make you want to stay forever. 

Read more about our treatments and promotions, you’ll see that we are the best option for you. We invite you to stay updated about Los Algodones' upcoming events, give us a call to know the exact event dates or to solve doubts about yout treatments, our team of patient coordinators will help you with everything you need. Don’t hesitate, your new smile is around the corner!