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10 Tips for Your Next Mexican Dental Vacation

High season in Los Algodones it´s about to begin, this means that it´s time to start planning your dental vacation. Today, we would like to share some useful tips that every traveler will find extremely necessary, especially if this is their first time traveling to sunny Mexico.

Before starting, we would like to give you some extra (and very important advice) don´t be nervous!

Traveling outside your city of residence in order to undergo any kind of dental or medical treatment is very popular nowadays, and the results will be better than what you´re expecting, especially if you choose the right place.

1. Look for Directions

Arriving at Los Algodones it´s easier than you can think of, but we always recommend our patients get information about the different ways to do it.

You can download a map from the web, use your phone´s navigation apps, ask a family member or friend that has previously visited the town before or you can contact our team of patient coordinators, they know each of the roads that will take you to Los Algodones, and they will be happy to share with you some useful advice.

2. Don´t Exchange Currency Before Traveling

When traveling outside of the country, one of the things that people think it’s hard to get used to it’s the country’s currency. How many Mexican pesos is a dollar? Should I go to an Exchange house before arriving in Mexico?

When visiting Los Algodones you won’t have to worry about any of that. Due to the high amount of visitors, this town receives every year, Los Algodones now has U.S.A currency. Amazing, right?

3. Bring the Necessary Documents

Whether you travel inside your country of residence or to a nearby city, it’s necessary to bring your passport with you. The officers at the migration booth won´t ask for it before entering Mexico, but you will need it to go back to the United States, so make sure it´s not expired and that the people you´re traveling with also have their passports up to date.

In case you don’t have a passport, make deep research about which options suit your situation better, special considerations might be granted by the U.S. and Canadian Governments to Citizens in need of medical treatment.

It´s important to clarify that the maximum period of time you can stay in Mexico as a tourist without a formal visa is six months, so your first step is to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from your arrival in Mexico. Otherwise, an immigration officer might deny you entry.

4. Confirm Your Services.

Before leaving your home, confirm that all of your appointments have been made correctly in the dental clinic. We recommend doing the same with every service you’ve requested during your visit (lodging, shuttle, or airplane tickets) This way, you’ll feel more confident once you arrive at your destination.

Also, print your e-mail confirmation from the places you made a reservation or medical apportionment at. Whether you´re traveling to Mexico or Europe, misunderstandings can happen, and everything will be solved faster if you take this information with you.

5. Plan Ahead

Based on your arrival and departure times, your dental appointments, procedures, and the days you´ll be staying at Los Algodones, try to figure out what can you do in your free time, and how much money all of this will cost you. Check our price list, hotel rates in Los Algodones, and maybe the menu and prices for one of the restaurants near Sani Dental Group. Traveling with a budget gives you the chance to have more control of your finances.

6. Bring Some Spare Money

When traveling for dental work, you don’t have to stay inside the clinic or your hotel room all day. Search for activities to do in town, restaurants, tourist spots, shopping malls, and more.

We recommend you have a tight budget for the essentials (such as dentist appointments, lodging, and transportation) but take a little more with you so you can take home some souvenirs and memories of the places you visited during your stay.

7. Are You Under Medication?

Maybe you´ve already spoken with your patient coordinator at Sani Dental Group, and they asked you if you´re taking any kind of medication, and once you arrive at the clinic our doctors and staff will ask you the same before any treatment or exam, so it´s very important for you to answer honestly.

Some medications can interfere with the body’s normal clotting mechanism or cause other complications. That’s why it’s important to give your dentist your full medical history, and depending on your condition and your dental treatment, he or she will be able to tell you if you need to suspend your medication during your treatment period.

8. Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food.

Mexico is a well-known country for its creative and colorful cuisine, which includes delicious tacos, guacamole, and spicy salsa.

In Los Algodones, you can taste all of these authentic foods at any restaurant in town. Mi Casa Es Su Casa is a restaurant located in Mediplaza Los Algodones, there you´ll be able to find a wide variety of Mexican dishes, whether it´s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
If you also feel like having a drink with friends, you look for the bar with the best margaritas in town!

9. Visit Mediplaza.

Mediplaza Los Algodones is the only medical and shopping center in Los Algodones, here you can find awesome deals on clothing and jewelry, a restaurant and coffee shop, and a nice hotel with a couple of jacuzzis in a comfortable second-floor terrace.

If you’ll be in town for more than a couple of days, during your free time you can rest and enjoy a relaxing body treatment at Timeless Antiaging Spa, the most complete spa in Los Algodones. Mediplaza has everything for you to have fun during your stay. Check out their Facebook page to look for exclusive promotions for Sani Dental Group patients.

10. Choose the Right Dental Clinic.

Choosing a dental clinic you trust fully should be your primary concern, this is as important as choosing the destination you’ll travel to. Pick a dental clinic that inspires you confidence and where you’ll be treated as you expect, follow the next standards that will help you to find the right one:

• Dental clinic´s warranty plans
• Other patient's online reviews
• Certifications of dentists and the clinic
• Clinic’s location

Sani Dental Group offers these and high-quality standards, it was, in fact, voted the Number One dental clinic in Los Algodones by the GCR. Plus, it´s located in one of Mexico´s safest towns. Los Algodones’ locals are used to being surrounded by people from all over the world, and they love it! It has become a town devoted to its visitors. You might be away from home but you’ll never feel like something is missing.

During your visit, you’ll notice that there are more tourists than locals who are having a great time while improving their lifestyle.
Los Algodones has grown thanks to the people who visit every day, and residents will make you feel as if you’ve never left home because everything you need will be at your disposal.

What to know a little more about Sani Dental Group? Click here to read some facts about our clinics and doctors. We invite you to give us a call, our team of patient coordinators is ready to assist you!