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Sani Dental Reviews

What you have to say matters to us, take a moment to read some Sani Dental Group Reviews or share your opinion with us

Frank Houdek

Kingman AZ Mohave, USA

Both upper and lower dentures are perfect, everyone is great.

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Wilbur Traylor

Wills Point TX, USA

all is well.

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Robin Brogan

Imperial CA, USA

the staff was very pleasant.

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Eva D. Malley

Yuma AZ, USA

Dr. Diego valenzuela very professional + kind.

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John Egan

Tucson, AZ

great service- good Doctors and staff!!

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Norman Cantrell

Phoenix, AZ, US

Dr. Alberto is the best

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Alice A. Papanastasatos

Cathedral City Riverside, USA

Dr. Gustavo is amazing.

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Michael John Harris

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Excellent work and great experience.

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Tracy Sera

Ajo, AZ, USA

Dr. Uriel was very professional.

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Robert Saltzman

Palm Springs, USA

Muy Bueno!

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Louise Souillet Hawkins

Biggar, SK, Canada

The doctors were very good explaining everything. 1st day appointment ran late - but it happens. Loved Clara Thank you.

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David Bellard

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Dr. Rodrigo did a fantastic job, great work.

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Mario Ramirez

Whittier, CA, USA

Great price, value and friendly staff.

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Charlene R Kuss

Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Dr. Rodrigo very nice doctor; easy to understand. Had a root canal too. I hate root canals, but this one was one of the best experiences I've had.

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Wendy Hoffman

Madison, WI, USA

Both doctors were excellent and well trained.

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Jeffrey Craig James

Oak Harbor Wa, USA

Friendly staff, pleasant experience.

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Edith Huston

Deway AZ, USA

Dr was very kind and caring.

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Folmer Christensen

SanTan Valley, USA

wonderful!! I could not be happier with staff and specially Dr Mario + Gustavo. they went way beyond for me. the border closed at 2pm and was close be...

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Jamie Michelle

Dallas Tx, USA

appreciate the fine care i received. Grateful to Sani for making my treatment affordable. special thanks to Drs Alan, Carlos, and Marcus.

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Donald Muhro

Mt. Vernon, USA

I really enjoyed my doctor, you will be highly recommended!! Clara was exceptionally helpful + kind. PS very pretty young lady!!

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