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- Tucson,AZ, USA November 1st, 2018
- El Centro, CA, USA November 5th, 2018
- El Centro, USA October 17th, 2018
- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada October 23rd, 2018
- Tucson, USA January 26th, 2019

I only had a cleaning but the tools and equipment were new and the dentist, Karen, was pleasantly nice and gave me good advice. The cleaning was smoot...

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- Glendale, CA, USA November 2nd, 2018
- Rio Dell, CA, USA November 7th, 2018

Save me lot of money, excellent quality

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- Rio Dell, CA, USA November 13th, 2018

Dr. Hermes did my oral surgery. He was excellent , helpful and caring. Dr. Alfredo made sure that my teeth were perfect. I love to smile again.

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- Felton, CA, USA November 8th, 2018

Maybe diagnosis slow down, I would like to bring my mother she needs more time and slower, talking and care. You guys are great!

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- Napanee, Canada November 29th, 2018

Great experience

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- Meadview,AZ, USA December 3rd, 2018

Great people and service

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- Beaverton, OR, USA November 30th, 2018
- Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada December 17th, 2018

The staff has been very friendly and made the whole process great. I am very impressed. Thanks

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- Santa Rosa, USA December 26th, 2018

Very Kind and caring!

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- Phoenix, Az, USA October 24th, 2018

Good Service

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- Palm Springs, USA October 25th, 2018
- Yuma,AZ, USA December 12th, 2018

Great work from start to finish! Helpful and great english. Best dental experience I've ever had.

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- Los Molinos, CA, USA December 6th, 2018

Great service, polite.

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- Hadashville, Canada October 29th, 2018

Was a great experience thanks Dr. Marquez, Dr. Noemi

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- Penticton, Canada January 7th, 2018

Thank you

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