Patient Review

Rhonda Friedberg

Dallas, U.S.A.

For those of you in a hurry?. the bottom line is that I had a lot of work done (including a sinus lift) and it was a great experience. I highly recommend this dental practice to anyone who needs quality dental work done in a friendly, efficient and affordable manner. For those of you who prefer some details? It?s been a little over a month since I returned from Sani Dental for my first visit with Dr. Emmanuel. There have been absolutely no complications and I?ll be going back to have more work done. And, believe it or not, I?m even looking forward to returning? Imagine that! I?m a 52 years old and my teeth have always been an issue, probably due to an impact injury I experienced as an infant. In any case, I have been to many, many dentists and oral surgeons in my life. I?ve had lots of work done over the years starting with a root canal in my early teens so I feel well qualified in saying that they do good work. I knew before I went what my treatment options were, what I was likely to have done, and what it would cost here at home. The Sani dentists were right on target with their evaluation. They outlined my choices and recommended a conservative treatment course. They did not try to ?sell me? one way or the other. In fact, when I arrived I knew I needed a sinus lift in order to have an implant done in the future and I had researched the various types of sinus lift procedures. But, I was still hesitant about having this procedure done (by anyone) and told them I?d think about it for the future. Well, in the end, I was sufficiently impressed by the other work that was performed that I went ahead with it. And, I?m really glad I did. It was absolutely nothing to worry about. I felt no pain afterward and didn?t even need to put ice on it. What was I worried about! By the way, there are different levels of English proficiency, but language was never a problem. The front end people in particular are especially fluent in English and will happily help with anything you need. Happily is the key. It is important to mention that everyone I spoke to or interacted with in any way at Sani or at the Hacienda hotel (same owners) was pleasant, helpful and friendly. These people work hard and there are a lot of people coming through the doors every day but it never felt impersonal or like I was in a production assembly line. I mention this because I recall reading a review before I went where someone complained about the high through-put saying that several different dentists worked on them rather than just one dentist doing everything. I had the same experience, Dr. Emmanuel is my primary dentist, but I also saw other dentists while I was there. Dr. Javier Perez did the initial evaluation/consult as well as subsequent consults, Dr. Barragan did the sinus lift and another dentist was called in to evaluate an implant initiated but not completed by my previous (deceased) dentist. And, it was no problem for me; certainly nothing to complain about. In fact, it makes good sense to me and I think it is a definite plus. The dentists have different levels of experience in the various specialties and they worked together as a team to give me the best level of care. So, you can see that I?m very well pleased with the dental practice and the quality of the treatment I received. Absolutely. But, I am also pleased about the rest of the experience, apart from the dental work. To me, what absolutely sets the Sani Dental practice apart is that Sani dental was a ?one-stop shopping? solution. No need to worry about airport transfers, car rentals, hotels, etc. Their driver picked me at the Yuma airport and took me to the Hacienda hotel and when it was time to go, he took me back. No logistics to worry about at all. This was one of the reasons I chose Sani Dental and I?m so glad I did. I was a little nervous about traveling alone, to an unknown place, across the border, to have dental work done. I had a lot of questions and ?what if?s? floating around in my head. Having the logistics out of the picture made it much more enjoyable and relaxing? And, the hotel was perfectly fine. It?s nothing fancy, but it?s clean, comfortable, and convenient. And, like the clinic, everyone on the staff was friendly and helpful. The hotel has a little restaurant that serves a limited selection of simple food and drinks. The food was good. Though, as a vegetarian, I was surprised, (and a little disappointed) that they didn?t offer much in the way of fruits or vegetables. They also do not serve alcohol, but you can buy whatever you want at the shops to enjoy on the patio. The hotel is in the process of expanding and renovating. They?re adding a lot of new rooms and a pool. I?m sure it will be a fantastic place to relax between appointments the next time I am there. Speaking of ?in between appointments? and ?relaxing?? I found it important to keep in mind that the pace is different in Mexico and so are the expectations. Things don?t happen in a hurry there and they don?t necessarily happen ?on time?. You may want keep a book or your laptop with you in case your appointment is delayed. If you maintain a relaxed and patient attitude you?ll be fine. After all, what else do you have to do anyway? Except maybe do a little shopping? This might be a good place to mention that it seemed like this whole very small little town or village is geared to catering to Americans who come mostly for dentistry, prescription eyeglasses, pharmaceuticals and touristic shopping. While there are plenty of places to spend the afternoon drinking margaritas, it definitely is not a ?party-town?. Most everyone I saw was over 60 years old. There are a lot of retiree snowbirds. So, the ambiance is relaxed and it feels safe. I was told by a local that this is not an accident. The safe casual atmosphere is a carefully cultivated and maintained because the livelihood of the town and everyone who works there depends on it. I also felt safe staying at the Hacienda which is on the edge of the town. The property is gated and the gates are locked at night. Also, one of the staff stayed on site through the night. Plus, when I checked in they made a point of telling me that no one, including the cleaning staff, would enter my room unless requested (cleaning staff, etc.). As for getting around, the Sani clinics and the town shops are within a short walking distance. There?s also the hotel shuttle to take you back and forth. I usually took the shuttle to my appointments but I also felt perfectly safe walking into and around the little town alone during the day (though I did not walk at night). I hope this information has been helpful. Good Luck!