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Patient Review

Stanley Turner

Bristol, Pa

I can't say enough great stuff about Sani Dental.. Like everyone I was flat out scared to go Mexico for dental work.. But when I got there and seen the top of the line technology. The place was spotless. The doctors work so hard to make you happy. They don't close till the last patient is done. My teeth are all implants and in the U.S. They wanted $50.000 to over a 100.000 Sani did the work for 1/4 of that cost.. I had Dr Melendez the guy is not only a dentist. He's an artist and i have recommend Sani Dental to my family and friends.. I can't thank Sani Dental enough. Because there was NO WAY I COULD AFFORD TO GET THIS DONE IN THE STATES.. I would give them 5 Stars and then some.. The people at the hotel treat you great and the people in town are so nice.. The food is good lots of stores and vendors to keep you having fun.. It's a great place all the way around.

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