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Patient Review

Donald Lenze

Bullhead City, USA

OK?Like everyone else I was a little leery of crossing the border for new teeth. I mean, what about ?the water?? Do these guys have a license? Did they even go to school? Are their instruments clean? What are these teeth going to be made of? They just have to be cutting corners, right? Otherwise? ?HOW CAN IT BE SO CHEAP!?? Simple: They?re not ?cheap?. They?re inexpensive. And, at least in my experience, there was no cutting corners on quality or care just to save a few bucks. So, here?s what your next step should be: Do your own research! Read every review and article you can find on having your dental work done in Algodones. One of the things you?ll find is that people are flocking from all over North America and beyond to have every kind of dental procedure performed there. The second thing you?ll find is the name Sani Dental Group comes up over and over again! The reviews are always positive and the results have left their patients feeling better not just about the money they saved, but about their overall dental health, too! I spoke with many of the people I met there from all over and to a person they agreed that the care they were receiving was every bit as modern and professional as what they would have found at ?home??at a fraction of the cost! Myself? I went to Sani Dental Group for new dentures, having lost my teeth recently to the effects of radiation treatment for stage four throat cancer a decade prior. They paid particular attention to certain aspects of my care because of the cancer and knew swallowing might be different for me than for most others and trimmed my dentures accordingly. I originally had dentures made here in my hometown in Arizona and found the dentist to be far less skilled in their preparation than Dr. Roberto Mendoza at Sani Dental Group. The first dentures I had made at home left me looking like part of the cast from ?Planet of the Apes?. I had big, bulbous ?chimp lips? when they were in and the ?monkey mouth? created by their size and poor fit left me with no desire to wear them and suffer through the discomfort. My dentures from Sani Dental Group are amazing! The fit is incredible and no soft reline material had to be used to get them that way. They?re thinner and more naturally contoured to my mouth than my previous dentures?and in a day and a half! My molds were taken in the morning, aligned and trimmed in the afternoon, my bite was adjusted the next morning and the dentures were delivered later that same day! Amazing service! As far as any language barriers are concerned, most of the folks working at Sani Dental Group that I encountered spoke perfect or near perfect English. I was fortunate enough to have Mirna as Dr. Medozas assistant. She was great! She kept me informed of every step of the process in perfect English and was an overall calming influence. I have no fear of a trip to the dentist, but if I did, I?d sure be glad to see Mirna there assisting! If this is the first review you?ve read on Sani Dental Group, read more! That way you?ll feel even MORE secure you?re making the right decision choosing them. If you?ve read plenty of reviews already, you?re not going to find any better experience than mine! Finally smiling,