Patient Review

Jem A.

Florida, Mia

Where do I begin?!? I am soooo grateful for the work I received here at the Sani Dental Group Platinum facility. If you are considering getting extensive or even simple dental work done, this is the place to come! Although it at first was a challenge, and I had to stay a few days longer than I had initially planned, the wait was WORTH IT- the team at sani platinums confidence and determination in providing me a beautiful smile never wavered and I am thankful to them for it. I have waited soo long to have this beautiful smile and have Sani to thank for it. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND their way to make sure I was happy with the results. I give special thanks to my doctor, Dr. Paul, who is hands down one of the BEST, if not the BEST doctor here. (Before I was even assigned to him, people were recommending him in the lobby because of how good he is), His dental assistant Pamela, who is very helpful, calming, and a good conservationist, Dr. Mikeal and his assistant Miguel who I met for my diagnostic consultation and were very present and supportive throughout the whole procedure (thank you so much!!), Luis, who is at the front desk who was always answered my questions and had a smile on his face, Rodolfo who took my Xrays when I first came. Thank you all soo much! In all I had I had 8 crowns, 2 root canals, and 2 extractions. My crowns came out BEAUTIFUL and most importantly natural looking ! Despite all the work done I did not experience pain! (I have a low threshold for pain so that is saying something)Anyway In addition, I am relatively younger than the patients who usually come here- O.K I'm a lot younger (early 20's) so I can also say that Sani is a good place for people of ALL ages who want to have the beautiful smile they've always dreamed of!!. Thank you so much and see you all soon!! P.S I see a lot of complaints about waiting to be seen but I did not experience this problem at all I believe they are improving this problem because the longest I had to wait to be seen is 20 minutes max.