COVID-19 Update

We're still open, we take patient and staff safety seriously. We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19, as well as, updates related to the U.S./Mexico International border.

Based on information from the border control authorities, Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel, fulfilling the conditions to cross the border during its partial closure.

We stand ready to assist our patients and employees.

Patient Review

Stites, United States February 12th, 2015

Very happy with the care and quality of the facility. The wait was longer then I expected, but next time I will be prepared. Yes, I will go there again and reccomend it to others. Dr. Martinez was very professional and did a great job. Every bit as good as any US dentist, at half the cost or less! The numbing and extraction was painless! I had very little swelling or bruising and I am healing very well with no infection or complications. The care planners wanted to do more for me, but being on a budget, I could only have the one done. Yes, I will return there for any dental care I need. Do be ready for a bit of a wait, but they will be done in plenty of time for you to get back across the border in time. Thanks again to Dr. Martinez!