Patient Review

Sharee Donaldson

Las Vegas, 250000

I have always had an unhealthy fear of dentist...but after being at Sani I am no longer fearful. I went to another Dentist in my home town who I was not impressed with. They wanted me to pull "ALL" my teeth and gave me a $40K bill to do implants and other stuff.. I am young and did not want to lose all my teeth. Not only was Sani NO where near that price they said I did not have to pull all my teeth and that some could be saved. That made me very, very happy!! I have had my surgery, and let me tell you no pain, no discomfort.. NO FEAR!!! Everyone from the front desk to Jose who always manage to be there to hold the door for me no matter which direction I was heading in was amazing. The surgeon that did my implants to the beautiful lady that made my temporary teeth... I will never visit another facility. Sani has a patient for life.. Oh by the way they are now my families official dentist.. and I have a large family.