Patient Review

Richard Loptien

Eagle Point, USA

We spent 4 days getting $17,000 in US done there for $3600 the service and cleanliness was just as good if not better than in US. I am not afraid to smile anymore and my health has improved since then. Had 11 crowns, 2 bridges, 2 root canals and 4 extractions done. We are heading back in 2 days to get more work done and get the implants finished. I highly recommend Sani Dental and this time we are bringing other family members with us to get their work done also. They are so friendly and even if you cannot understand them (different language) they always have ones that speak English well. Also the Hotel is only 2 blocks away Hotel Los Algodones, the rooms are comfortable and the staff is great. Also the restaurant has a nice menu food is good and reasonably priced. They cater to those who have dental work done soft foods. Thank you Sani Dental and all your staff for all your caring and hard work.