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We're still open, we take patient and staff safety seriously. We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19, as well as, updates related to the U.S./Mexico International border.

Based on information from the border control authorities, Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel, fulfilling the conditions to cross the border during its partial closure.

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Patient Review

Hillsboro, United States April 30th, 2018

After years of going to American dentists, at 61 years old, my teeth were in shambles. I needed so much dental work that the cost of repairing my teeth made gave me nightmares. I needed a full mouth restoration, and received quotes from American dentists from $24 to $33,000 to complete the work. I knew that wasn't going to happen, so I started looking for other options. I ended up at Sani Dental after conducting a lot of research on the costs and procedures for a full mouth restoration. I arrived for my first visit on April 30, 2018 and before leaving for home, had 3 root canals done by Dr. Morales. He is a root canal magician! I've never had such pain free root canal work! I returned on June 8th due to having to clear up an infection and had a 4th root canal finished. Dr. Morales was again very thorough in his work. Over the next couple of days, I had 6 teeth extracted and 2 bone graphs done by Dr. Fabian, who was great. He explained everything as he went along and was very gentle with difficult procedures. I then went to the other Sani Dental clinic to see Dr. Paul, who prepared me for the 27 crowns and 2 bridges he put in a few days later. On the 5th day, I walked out with my new teeth and now have a brilliant smile. People who know me can't believe the difference! The best part is - my mouth feels so healthy. The infections have cleared up, the constant pain is gone, I can eat and chew again, and I have a beautiful smile. The cost? Approximately 1/3 of what I was quoted here in the U.S. Thanks to everyone at Sani Dental! I still have 4 implants in the back of my mouth to finish, so I'll be returning soon!