Patient Review

Julie Black

St George, Utah, USA

I used to be a Snowbird, so I've been to Algodones for dental work before. I broke off the edge on a tooth, so made the trip from St George, Utah, with the intention of getting one crown and ended up getting all of my molars capped, including two painless root canals, because the prices were so reasonable. Doctor Guillermo Antonio Márquez Pérez is the best dentist I have ever had. He is a perfectionist with an amazingly gentle touch. I felt no pain and am very pleased with his work. The Sani clinic is modern and new and everyone speaks english. The staff is friendly and professional. Xavier took very good care of us. We stayed at the Hacienda, which is only a few blocks from the clinic, for two nights. It was clean and comfortable and convenient. With an in-house lab, Sani is able to make quality crowns quickly. It is amazing that I could get all of this work done on my mouth in just a few days. It's been almost a week since I returned home and the fit is perfect. I love not seeing a mouth full of silver fillings anymore. I will recommend Sani and Dr. Márquez to all of my friends. Thank you!