Patient Review

Douglas Moffat

Calgary, Canada

I avoid writing reviews but this is 'no problemo!' Your Sani Warranty is GOLD! Two years ago, numerous Canadian dentists would not consider helping me with an 18 yr old bridge that needed replacing because of an extraction they deemed required an oral surgeon as well as bone grafting. They all talked specialists and $20,000+ for implants or dentures! No I began researching and found Sani Dental and Dental Departures. 18 months ago, I had implants at Sani Dental followed by a beautiful 5 unit bridge... one year ago. There was a problem with the bonding cement and the bridge came loose, fell and cracked. Disaster! One phone call to Abril Reyes had her scheduling my appointment and stay at the Hacienda hotel, assuring me that there would be NO CHARGE for making a new bridge/associated costs or for accomodations. She was professional and reassuring. At the reception desk, Diana's smile made us feel welcome . Dr. Mike's professional assessment following the panelipse and intra-oral pics for Barbara showed required work that our dentist in Calgary missed three weeks earlier! What? Virginia (who later became my favorite/best translator with some very difficult questions I had for Dr. Rosario) expertly managed all the paper work as well as the insurance forms with proper clinic/dentist information and coding for the procedures. Dr. Rosario was meticulous, detail oriented and knew my concerns. A perfect fit! Thanks doc! In addition, Barbara insists the crowns she had at Sani from Dr. Noemi fit better than any 3D crown (produced in a dentist office) from Canada. The lab work at Sani Dental is exceptional. With a team/staff too numerous to mention, the best was the two thumbs up from Dr. Muniz when he saw my new bridge. I cannot speak highly enough regarding the professionalism, ADA clinical standards, and attention to best business practices at Sani Dental. Take a Mexican dental vacation - you will never regret this choice. Thank you Sani Dental for restoring my smile and confidence.