Patient Review

Nelda Rinehart

Deland, US

It began with a referral from a trusted friend. I was referred to and treated by Dr. Barragan, who performed oral surgery, including extractions, bone grafts and sinus lifts. Upon my return after the healing process, Dr Alan Gutierrez became primary in my care. He worked deligently to meet my expections as well as his own expections for a very positive outcome. His kindness and concern were evident from the beginning. Dr. Barragan was also available for consultation. Dr. Alan was dedicated, kind and caring. His skills are phenomenal. Upon arriving at Sani Platinum, you were welcomed as a friend and a valued customer. This behavior was demonstrated by the front staff as well as ALL others I was involved with, including various technicians. By providing housing, car service and quality dentistry, you are well supported and well cared for throughout your stay. I would recommend Sani Dental Platinum and their doctors to anyone in need of their services. They have streamlined their processes and procedures to make for a quick and positive outcome. The entire staff at Sani are to be commended for the work they do. Dr. Baragan and Dr. ALan will forever occupy a special place in my heart. Thank you for the perfect smile Nelda