Patient Review

gordon van den Noort

elmore Vt, usa

I heard about Los Algadones on NPR and did some research and picked Sani, made an appointment and flew to yuma where a Sani driver met me at the gate,in less than 1/2 hr I was across the border and checking into La Hasienda.At the front desk I met Tony Montana, a world class concierge.The Hasienda is an oasis with a good resturant pool and courtyard with beautiful trees surrounded by walls and a gate that closes at 9 or 10 pm.Drivers will take you to the dental offices for appointments. After a consultation and x rays Dr Barragon did a great job with my extractions and implants. Then the hard part no teeth except a temp denture,the Hacienda resturant has soft food and softer food so I settled in until I was ready to fly.In the hotter seasons Los Algadones is pretty quiet,I took some walks 108F watched tv {there are english movies}and read,my first trip I ran out of books when I came back I brought War and Peace.The pool is very nice.After a month or two I did have an implant problem,but Sani honored their warrenty no problems {except air fare}.Finally I returned again and got my teeth back! What no one told me about a full upper plate is that I am married to my water pic and struggle to whistle to my dog! Outher than that I am very happy.My advice would be if you live far away schedule a few extra days just in case , expect you may need extra trips.Bring cash cards dont work,there is an ATM on the american side of the border you can walk to.Bring stuff to do,and If you are an athelete plan for a rest week!