Patient Review

Jeni Buchkowski

Marietta, USA

I need to put a note here as a concern about your service. When I called to make an appointment, Fernando informed me that I need to call Sani Dental upon our arrival in the US Border parking lot. He nicely promised that a Sani Dental staff will come to pick us up. I called twice as soon as we arrived at the parking lot. However, no one answered my calls. Luckily my husband and I were confident that we can find Sani Dental based on a Google Map. We did find Sani Dental main office and Lupita took care the rest of our appointment. My concern is this glitch of pick up promise is a bad impression for a first timer to Algodones. My friends from Georgia or Florida will be afraid to come to Algodones if I tell them we have to find Sani Dental by ourselves. Fear of foreign place is a big factor. I have a satisfactory experience with your doctors and staff. In fact I am going to recommend Sani Dental to all my friends. I just cannot assure my friends that they will feel good to get to your nice office. Thank you. Have a successful 2017!