Patient Review

John McCullough

Fairfield, Solano

I knew that I needed yet more periodontal work for receding gums. I have had 2 previous procedures done here in Calif. and while satisfied with my Periodontis' work, I was always blown away by the price. I did some internet research this time around. In 2015 I had a deep cleaning done in the Lago Chapala area outside of Guadalajara. I was very happy with the work and even happier about the price. This time my internet search of Mexican dental options led me to discover the town of Los Algondoes, Baja California. In short, you park in a US lot, walk over the border in the Yuma area and viola- You have hunderds of dentists waiting for you. Street after street and office after office! In reviewing the internet info, one name kept appearing- The Sani Dental Group, I contacted them and set an appointment for my Xmas vacation.Upon arrival, I was impressed by their nice office and warm, friendly English-speaking staff. I was promptly xrayed and given an initial consultation and we all decided to schedule my procedure overfor 12:30. Dr Omar Valero was contacted and came in to see me to review my case and give me a through explaination of his evaluation and plan. Soon, I was transported several blocks to their other office and Dr. Valero went to work without delay. I experienced less discomfort getting a deep cleaning and scaling than I have had here in the US. The gum grafting went quickly and well. I was done in about 90 minutes or so. DR, Valero is a well trained and knowledgeable. You cannot avoid some discomfort getting a gum graft, but my prior experience tells me that Dr. Valero keeps it to an absolute minimum. He asks you 'do you feel any pain?' every few seconds. He is generous as he needs to be with the Novocaine. So, when the day was done, I had the following work done: 1) Xrays 2) First Consult-30 mins 3) Meeting Consult with Dr Valero- a fairly long, thorough one, at that! 4) Deep Cleaning and scaling. (In fact this aspect of the preparation was far more complete that I had EVER recieved in the US!) 5) 2 gum grafts. 6) Low cost pain management (Voydol and Ibprophrin) which is 110% effective and I am not drowsy at all. This is not some Codeine type of prescription. I have zero post op discomfort!! 7) A follow up visit the next morning. Now, let's talk about the bill, I will just say this- When I saw their estimate my only question was...'Wow! Why don't we do some more work?' I paid less than I would pay for a deep cleaning and an initial conult with a No. California Periodontist. Sani makes it EZ to pay.... I wrote a personal check. I have things but good things to say! Every point of stress and worry about traveling 700 miles and crossing over the border to get this work done was completely removed by everyone at Sani, from the front desk through Dr.Valero. They even offered to send me more of the post op mouth rinse because I left it in my hotel room. So, there you have it.... the only problem with the whole adventure was my own poor memory in forgetting to pack prescription the mouth wash! I can't wait to go back. Going to the dentist, at age 64, has finally become fun!! John M. Fairfield, Ca.