Patient Review

Sky Kerri Douglas

Whangarei, New Zealand

First of all I would like to acknowledge the colorful, clean and safe streets of Los Algodones where i found the natives to be generally happy, creative and peaceful people. The Sani shuttle picked me up from the airport and took me to my room at the colorful clean Hacienda Hotel with friendly helpful staff. My stay at the Hacienda hotel was paid for by The Sani Dental group. After checking in I was taken to my appointment where i found the clinic clean, modern and of a high standard. The administration staff were open minded, friendly and professional with professional dentists in every field of dentistry. I had a root canal, an extraction, 6 zirconia crowns and a general clean and polish. I experienced only one challenging part due to my reaction to the anesthetic and taste in my mouth. There after I had a patient, kind, gentle and precise dentist found in Dr Uriel and his excellent assistant Luis Angel who spoke excellent english and treated me to the end of my stay. Any concerns I had were addressed right away. With natural alternative therapy making a strong come back, may I share a few suggestions that could possibly make this group stand out above and beyond the rest. It is always wise to be mindful that we are all unique individuals, responding and reacting in our own unique ways. Obtaining emergency contact information from the start incase some unforseen circumsance may arise is a wise practice in my opinion. The use of natural therapies like diffusing essential oils as found in aromatherapy has a calming effect on the nervous system and will benefit not only the patients but also the staff as well. Providing a link to go to for sharing information about how to detox naturally from the effects of anesthesia and xrays would be of great benefit to all who seek this post care treatment. Soothing instrumental music played softly in the back ground has a calming effect as well as falling water from a fountain with its negative ion effect. Posting pictures and inspirational quotes on the ceiling of the dental rooms is a good distraction while laying in the dental chair. Over all I had a great experience and am pleased with the precise and professional work I received. I hope to return along with friends and family to Los Algodones and the Sani dental group. A special thanks to Dr Ureil and his assistant Luis Angel. With heartfelt appreciation Sky Kerri Douglas