Patient Review

Stefan Rodman

Morro Bay, Ca, USA

After lots of reasearch, I made a desision. Sani Dental Group was my Choice & I stand By It. Abril Reyes was my corordinator through the whole process, Reasuring me that everything would be Fantastic. I was treated like a Special person, & would recomend having a corordinator through this process, especially if you are having extinsive work done, as I did. She talked with me several times prior to the visit to Mexico, answering all of my questions. They set you up with your appointment...a fantastic Hotel in los Algodones, accross the border from Yuma, AZ...( The Hacienda Hotel ) Which has Great Rooms, a Pool, with Fountains of water, Hiting water, for that southing atmosphere, Several sitting aeras, where you can sit , relax, & talk with other people going through the same kinds of things that you are going through... plus the Hotel was very accommodating & They do not charge much..$35 a night.. After my first day I made my appointment on time, ( The Hotel shuttles you back & forth ) with only a few minutes of waiting time after my arrival. Then a CT scan of my whole mouth. A few minutes later, I met my Doctor / Surgon.. Alahondro Barragin ( I Probably did not spell his name correctly.. Maybe..? ) I called him Alex ( which was his suggestion ) What a Great person..!!!! Young, Very Talented & Personable..!!! We talked for a while, getting to know one another & I conveyed what I wanted done, which in my case was the ALL ON FOUR SYSTEM OF implants ( a complete mouth restoration ) Including 10 extractions ON THE BOTTOM & 8 implants..4 top & 4 bottom.. So as you can imagine, I was at the least, quite apprehensive... I wasn't planning on being asleep for this procedure, But They thought it best. After 4 hours I woke up with All my extractions & All 8 Implants Installed, all at the same time...The anastiseologist Louis was a True professional. He checked all my vitals, BP, asked a few important medical questions...Etc.. & asleep it went. I Woke up feeling a bit disorented, Which is normal after annastishia...The next day was a wax impression of a light weight set of teeth, for adjusting the fit, bite, shape.. Etc... So you are without teeth for a couple of days, while they make the light weight set of temporary teeth ( right there at the same facility ) that you will wear for at the least, 4 to 6 months.. & then return, for the final set of Beautiful porcelain.Implants. ( But everyone at the Hotel had No Teef, Lol !!! So for being so out of my comfort Zone, So was everybody else ) after a few adjustments of these, Strong temporarys, so the fit & the bite is correct.. They litterally torque them down with a small rachet & fill the holes, where the screws go through the teeth, into the Implants.. ( which my Implants, were made in Switzerland ) Before having this procedure done, I had a denture on the upper, which was always painful. Rattled around while eating, Etc... After all of this , The denture was gone & Life just became much better... The botton & The Top fit Great..!!! Probably best, if you have to have this done, that you do the Tops & The Bottoms done at the same time, So the fit is right..? I highly recomend this facility to anyone who has to have ANY extinsive work done.. Here in the USA my procedure would have cost me $80,000.00 after all the implants, extractions, The ALL ON FOUR PROCEDURE...Etc....In Mexico, for the same quallity of professionals, to do the Great work.. The Cost was under $ 20,000.00. ... They even threw in a couple of prosedures that they thought was nessary, FOR FREE.. Free is ALWAYS GREAT !!! So, Not to be long winded about this, But I still have to Agnowledge, Dianna. The receptionest, Carlos & David the Financial corordinators... & I can't forget Jose.., Which I call the Sani Dental Group Ambassador.. Jose would take You around town, To the pharmacy, Market.. anywhere you wanted to go, to get what you need... Walking you through town, safely.. making sure that you got what you needed.. Thank You All at The Sani Dental Group, for making a potential scarey situation, into a pleasant experience... REMEMBER.. This is Mexico & These people depend on your business to make a living & THEY DO IT WELL... They make you feel safe ( Just in case you are apprehensive about this ) Which I was not.. I've been to Mexico a lot over the years, & feel as safe as I do anywhere..!!! Tip them !!! ( Hotel employees, Jose ). They can use the money...!!! THANK YOU SANI DENTAL GROUP for the Best possible guarantee & Service, anyone could expect..!!! Sincerely...Stefan Rodman...Entertainer / Guitarist, Vocalist... on the Central Coast of California..USA